This week on Ten Ton Hammer Live Jesse, Dav, and Ben are joined by's very own E3 movers and shakers to give you the lowdown on everything MMO from the greatest gaming show in the world. How did SWTOR play? Was APB any good? What's the deal with DC Universe? WHERE IS MY LEGO BETA CODE!?!?! This and much more!

Also... did we mention there's a HUUUUUGE contest this week.
Head over to and enter your code....

OH WAIT... you don't HAVE A CODE?!?!?

Well, then I guess you better listen to this weeks podcast. Three chances to win, cleverly snuck into this weeks podcast. Bwahahahaha... cross-promotional marketing lives!

Finally the whole gang sticks around for another hilarious Master Looter.

Tune in to Episode 12 of Ten Ton Hammer Live! Taste great, less filling!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016