Sup Ten Ton Hammer readers, it's time to get in the bush with Xerin in another fantastic episode of Respawn. Today's topic is as usual, food and MMOs. You know the hardest part of being someone who plays MMOs is having enough grub nearby. It sucks, a lot, because I don't know how to cook snacks! I can cook steak, curry, and even Beef Wellington, but I can't figure out how to get snacks together for an MMO.

Hurr durr yeah I could grab a bag of Cheetos and yeah, I could also ear a Fedora and while purchasing the Cheetos go and be like "yes m'lady, one bag of sustenance" as I tip my fedora and eye the mountain dew in the cooler. I'm not doing that. No. Oh man that's a horrible idea. Nevertheless, it sucks.

Moving on to more pressing matters, Massively has made the comment we're on the cusp of an AAA MMO lull and yeah we probably are, until you know like all of the Kickstarted MMOs hit. Usually, smaller developers or even larger developers, often try to avoid busy seasons of MMO launches because they're scary, lots of competition, and people are only buying one MMO a month.

In other news, I would like to openly admit that I'm not the world's most perfect spellers. Nay, I'm probably extremely far from it, but it's okay though because I am me and it's a known quantity. However, while visiting Neo's Land's website I noticed this:

Registeration for the Demo

Oh boy, the spell checker is sounding the alarms at that one. I don't want to call out anyone here or specifically come off as a bully, but proper spelling is critical and it's just so odd to see misspelled words on games websites. Especially websites for games produced and developed in North America. I don't know what to think about it.

Get in the Bush with Xerin

Today in the bush we're going to talk about a little known thing called being polite. Most people aren't polite and I'm totally cool with this. I'm always shocked when people get on the road and get cut off then act like it's some great mystery how someone could do this out of nowhere. I automatically assume that most people are going to be driving their cars directly at me while cultivating an excuse on how their vehicle somehow went over 8 lanes and hit my front-end and it's totally my fault for it. I automatically assume that the fine retail employee has gone through not only the death of their fish, but just got served divorce papers, and went through an exciting conversation with their boss on how they're about to be fired, after dealing with 200 irate customers and is ready to take it out on someone.

In games we often run into very impolite people, but for some reason when they go "u mad," most people respond with "yes." The key to winning is saying no, no you're not mad bro, but you can lift. The reason being that realistically the chances of you running into some jerk in a day is almost 100%. It's part of being Human, and the same applies online. So when someone rolls up and tries to make your smile into a frown, simply keep on smiling, because if you already know you're going to probably run into a jerk, there is no reason to act all surprised when someone rolls in and takes your crafting materials.

Of course, you shouldn't perpetuate it. Be kind, rewind when you see someone inches away from taking that ore vein.

That's all for today folks.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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