Poundfist right now is the most annoying enemy in the entire game. Players from the original Everquest may remember those super fun times where you waited days for a monster to spawn and that's exactly what Poundfist is. He's bringing the wait back, as servers recently went down today and reminded everyone of those good fresh server feelings that come with understanding that there is a chance that Poundfist is up when he's there. So let's start off with what I call the ultimate guide to Poundfist!!

The Ultimate Guide to Poundfist

Poundfist is a rare mob that spawns in Gorgond. He spawns about 50 hours after a server has came up, give or take 50 hours. He spawns in five locations. Four in the canyon, and one far west of the foundry. Anyone who attacks him gets a tag for the mount, Sunhide Gronnling, which has a 100% chance to drop for everyone who attacks him. He's not a raid, just a rare elite, thus, he dies almost instantly when he's spawned unless a Druid cyclones him. If he's mind controlled, everyone will lose their tag, and need to spam attacks on him.

When he dies, you get the mount.

By the way, did I forget to mention that all five of his spawns are camped 24/7 by someone and players run timers to make sure to be on around the time he spawns, and did I also forget to mention that it'll remain that way for most of the expansion? The 400% XP potion is still camped 24/7. 

To kill Poundfist, somehow be lucky enough to be at the right place, the right moment, and also make sure to have general chat off which is full of trolls claiming Poundfist spawned.

Let's Keep Poundfist the Way He Is

Poundfist is legendary, in his ability to make everyone upset and angry at the game, yet at the same time, encourage players to give up getting ready for highmaul and instead choose to sit around waiting for a guy to drop yet another mount in Blizzard's swelling lists of mounts too big to fit on someone's screen. Hey, it's a 100% drop rate, but right now to farm it requires luck (1/5 chance he spawns at your location), even more luck (he spawns 50 hours after a server reset, which lately they can reset at any time), and even more luck (you have to be staring at the monitor before the 30 other players kill him).

That's great though - one thing it has done is opened up dialogue amongst players who are idling waiting on him to spawn and it's teaching patience. Too long have gone with MMOs that treat patience as a sin. There is something in WoW that is driving people to wait - one of the reasons that BG's have lost that art of "we need defenders on a specific static node" because players, as a whole, can't just sit on three and let the other two go until they win. They need to move around. With Poundfist, everyone can either bitch or sit, one of the two and bitching is already on the menu.

Anyway, love or hate Poundfist, let us know in the comments below.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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