When it comes to showing gaming cred, there is no better way than with a gaming t-shirt. There is a lot on the market, but for fans of World of Warcraft there is definitely a lot to be said with a shirt.  

The best part of wearing a shirt for your favorite game is that it's a great conversation starter. I was with my girlfriend ages ago in a restaurant when the waiter noticed her WoW shirt, and then immediately freaked out - he was a high warlord and every day after work he spent every living second playing WoW. The best part of it - the entire meal was presented as food out of WoW. 

For the following shirts, they're my five absolutely favorite licensed WoW shirts and will not embarrass you in public (my biggest concern when translating nerd cred to reality). These are all sourced from Jinx!, the official Blizzard shirts are few and far between (the neatest ones come from BlizzCon and other events). 

Choose Your Allegiance

FOR THE HORDE | Alliance

To kick things off, pick your side and show your pride with either a Horde or Alliance shirt. These shirts are the second version, the original being a bit more plain, but they get the point across with a punch. I absolutely love these shirts, because they make a very bold statement (FOR THE HORDE!) but don't just scream "nerdy video gamer shirt" making them easy to wear everyday. 

Another interesting thing about the second version of these ever popular shirts is that they are more discreet - those who aren't specifically into WoW aren't assaulted with pop culture they're unfamiliar with. They stand out as interesting, neat, and visually appealing even without concern of the geek factor. 

In addition, the black base for the tee means it can pretty much go with anything. These have been a superior upgrade, in my honest opinion, over the bright red horde shirts with the horde emblem on the front. They are my absolute favorite, if you're going to have a WoW shirt in your closet, this is the one.

"Murloco" Murloc Taco Shirt

Murloco's Taco Shirt - Jinx!

One of the raddest shirts in this collection, the Murloc Taco Tee is something that I absolutely adore. Who doesn't love tacos and who doesn't love murlocs? This thematically appropriate shirt features "Murloco's" on the front and a sample menu on the back, like most shirts you'll find at various Mexican bars, the only difference being this bar is virtual. 

A neat talking point surrounding this shirt is when someone asks "Oh, where is Murloco's" and you grin and say "why Booty Bay" and take in their confusion.  

Who Will Stand Against Us 

Warlords of Draenor "Who Will Stand Against Us" Shirt - Jinx!

This shirt is neat on a lot of levels. It has a powerful message on the front, a newer design released with the Warlords of Draenor expansion. If you can't tell, I love shirts with a darker background because they let the image pop, and the contrast between the orange and the black is great. The design emphasis power and I do think this shirt is definitely a strong power statement. 

Dalaran University

Dalaran University Shirt - Jinx!

I love the comical approach to college wear with the Dalaran University shirt. You see them everywhere, each and every college has more shirt designs than there are ants in this universe and the next five. This tongue in cheek play on varsity wear makes not only for a great tee, but a fantastic hoodie in cooler weather.  

Pandaran Xpress

Pandaran Xpress Shirt - Jinx!

Okay, okay, a lot of dark themed shirts here, so here is a lighter one and one that I think is absolutely awesome. Mimicking the Panda Express logo, the "Pandaren Xpress" is sure to amuse anyone with its sharp red logo on white, with a panda sitting front and center. Definitely more flavorful than some of the other shirts, it's neat play on Panda Express is just downright cool to me. 


All of the above tees also come in a hoodie version (generally), which with the bonus code "BONUSROLL" you can receive a free 20-sided die. See available styles here. (Expires 2/19/2015).

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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