I'm back home from E3 2014 and let me tell you my wings hurt. Hurr durr, anyway it was a great awesome super wonderful amazing time this year at E3. I got to see some really awesome stuff and some stuff that wasn't so, eh really awesome. There were some disappointments but, overall, there was way more interesting and exciting things for me to stare at this year.

Let's get started with what I thought was the coolest thing ever - the lack of water everywhere. Most conventions, especially ones ran out of hotels, offer large quantities of water everywhere with cups. This is to help prevent dehydration and is just a general nice thing to do. At E3 there was no water anywhere but the media room, and that was usually out. Oh and let's not forget this thing that people do outside of the south called "unsweet tea." What's the deal with that?

Let me tell you how to make tea. First, boil the tea bags. Second, add in enough sugar to give you diabetes. Third, chill to almost freezing. Add a lemon and drink. There you go. For some reason, outside of the south, this "add sugar" step is just not happening. It's just not a thing. There is no "sweet tea." How is this even possible. Who wants to drink unsweet tea? Not me, that's for sure. Of course when you've been on your feet for 9 hours straight and your mouth feels like the Sahara desert, you're more than willing to lower your scruples a bit and drink that which should not exist.

Okay seriously though, most of the games I seen at E3 this year were freaking awesome. I was generally surprised by a lot of things and I'll be sharing those with you throughout this coming week. Speaking about disappointments though, outside of the lack of water and tea having sugar in it, I was really sad at just how high all the booths were. You couldn't see much of the event.

Seriously, walking into E3 was like a maze. I couldn't see anything. It wasn't until the second day I had any clue where I was at. I don't know if it was to keep you from seeing other games in the background or if some kind of crazy compensation war started where everyone had to have the biggest booth. Don't ask me.

Another funny thing is that the bigger the game company, the less their booth was. The big three had these giant almost empty booths with demo stations just littered throughout. The smaller booths had a lot more emphasis on fun and interaction, where-as the big three just unload everything the day before E3 then sit around and answer questions.

The only other thing to note is boy is LA bright. My eyes are still sore from all the sun. Here where I live, there is foliage everywhere. The only place you get that kind of sun is a parking lot, assuming it doesn't have trees everywhere or on the open road, but the windshield filters out a ton of the sun there. Just a weird, odd observation.

In the Bush with Xerin

This week in the bush we talk about airplanes and how much effort it is to fly on an airplane. My trip there was uneventful, but the way back was hell like hell has never been known and honestly my story is a "good" travel story. There is a lot of horror stories from the airport, but I'll tell mine just so I can get it off my chest.

First, my flight was for around noon. I say around because you can expect your plane to either get there early or late, but never on time. After I got to the airport, a few hours early, I got a txt that my flight was now going to take off at 1:55. Then 2:55 Finally, 3:55. Yay, about four hours late! At around 3, I finally decide to eat before the flight. I saved the meal as sort of a thing to do right before I land. I go by McDonalds and pay their outrageous price for a burger, then sit down to enjoy.

No, airports don't like you enjoy anything. Within seconds, the gate for my flight was moved. This proceeded to reoccur four times in the next ten minutes. Had I not made it there, I could have been in some deep trouble in trying to find where the flight went. So this legion of waried travelers play gate pingpong until we land at our real gate which starts immediate boarding, except the plane isn't there. So people are lining up, but there is no flight.

Finishing my lunch, I was able to finally board, and be on my way, arriving at the worst time. Taking the train home here in Atlanta, I was met with rush-hour, as all the stores that had just closed at the airport had unloaded its employees and the Braves game had just finished, so the train was full of tired employees and drunk Braves fans, as I sat cuddled with my luggage, waiting for the hour long train ride to just end.

Overall, I mean, there is no way to avoid horror while flying, unless you pay for a premium airline, and even then they can pull BS (just at a reduced risk). It's just critical to note that, man, flying sucks. Oh, and those backscatter machines? Really creepy.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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