Hey everyone, today is the first day in a week, literally, I’ve felt good. It’s crazy how long you can be sick for. Like, actually functioning, but sick. The next time a friend comes over after talking about being sick but blaming it on food, tell them that food poisoning is a lot rarer they think and stay away.

South Park and Kickstarter

I watched the new South Park about Kickstarter and must say, I’m glad that I’m not alone in my opinion. There was some kind of catharsis from seeing my opinion be a little bit more mainstream. If you take the core moral point, it’s very similar to mine, in that a lot of Kickstarters are just people who want money to do nothing but provide you excuses why they can’t do something.

At the end of the day and I will hammer this away forever, the local awesome band who needs money to produce a record is what Kickstarter is about. It costs a lot and a record is what makes a band move from guys who play at the local bistro to guys who play at the local club but you probably discovered them when a friend loaned you their CD. The cost for studio time and/or studio equipment and/or touring is a lot, so if you really like the band and if people really want them to succeed, this is a new avenue for them.

Unrelated Destiny Articles

I’ve talked enough on that though, I want to comment on these articles, these “designer articles” that read like someone is taking the word Destiny and adding random modifiers to it. The latest one is the “Destiny Feels like a Free-To-Play Game” I read somewhere, probably PCGamer or Kotaku. Let me check. Oh Game Informer.

I don’t know what free games they’re playing, but Destiny is the most AAA game I think I have ever played and I don’t see a single trapping of free-to-play anything. The fact you don’t have to pay to play a console game isn’t new. Comparing Dragon’s Nest to Destiny is like serving pepperoni in a authentic Italian restaurant. You just don’t do it.

Like, I get that journalist need topics. I need topics. Sometimes I sit here and there just isn’t anything interesting going on and I’m like what can I talk about. Then I troll around for something that you guys care about. Because honestly, you the reader mean more to me than anything, so it’s critical I find something to interest you. If that doesn’t work then I go do some mystical self exploratory mission listening to crickets at night to find the pulse of the community.

However, taking the word “Destiny” then random industry words and milling out articles all day just doesn’t seem fun and everyone is doing it. It’s like we went through this phase where people spent all of 20 minutes in the game and penned a review that it was Halo and that’s stupid because the reviewer hates Halo so Destiny is going to be run through the mud.

Now it’s like, I don’t want to say any specific articles and this isn’t related to the one I quoted, but it’s like people who spent their 20 minutes are like oh wow people are STILL playing that dumb game? HA, let’s talk about how it’s trash beneath my feet as I play a real game, Mountain.

I almost expect “Is Destiny Vaporware” to be on my news feed here shortly. Oh and yeah there is no solutions to this problem. It’s just whatever. I just want to complain. Because I guess I just love complaining. People can write whatever they want, but at the end of the day sometimes what people write affect a communities thought.

If you think that Destiny is a F2P game, then go play Warframe and compare the two. I LOVE WARFRAME!! It’s great, but you know what I love about ten times more? Destiny. Yeah, so heh :3

Tomorrow let’s talk more about cooking while playing MMOs. That’s a topic that’s really interesting to me because I think I’ve got that down to a T. Unless you want to hear something else, since ya know there is a comments section below.

Is Destiny Vaporware


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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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