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Now on Farm or That's a Wipe

Lil'KT is seen all around Dalaran now and you know for a fact someone spent $10 to bring that into the game.

Patch 3.3 looms closer. Are you ready to face the Lich King? Are you tired of hearing that phrase over and over? Me too. Now on to The Overpull!

WoW at Ten Ton Hammer

Blues Clues

Medeor's Mishaps and Mayhem

The Overpull arrives once more to your inbox, but this time it has a special gift and some sad news. It Happened in Trade is now gone due to the fact The Overpull has ran through the entire content of the trade channel. Instead, The Overpull brings about a new tradition. Terrible or awesome comics will now come with The Overpull to bring a little bit of happiness to those drab and dreary WoW-less Tuesday mornings.

Not all of them may be as awesome as the one presented to you today, I have photoshop and WoW and will force The Overpull in an epic struggle to entertain you visually and mentally. Alas, I may not succeed, but if I shall fall in battle I hope another will take my place in controlling The Overpull. Just bring 10 wolf pelts and 15 yeti fur to the nearest quest giver to start the quest to become The One with The Overpull.

Here’s the lineup this week

What's the Buzz

Well it’s a sad time here at The Overpull when we must announce that WoW is on the slippery slope to micro-transactions. That’s right. This past week it was announced that Lil’Kel’thuzad and a panda were the latest pets in the game and for sale for $10 each. Of course, I had to first stop laughing at the fact KEL’THUZAD RETURNS ONCE MORE THIS TIME AS A MINIATURE VERSION OF HIMSELF TO HAUNT YOU EVERYWHERE (of those not in the know KT is a popular topic around here in The Overpull). Then I came to the realization that WoW is pretty much at the border to full blown micro-transactions.

You know how some MT based games have XP potions? Well for $30 and a beefy enough computer you can get double XP for your new character with Refer-A-Friend. For $10 you can get a non-combat pet to follow you around who has more animations than a normal non-combat pet. For $10 you can get a name change. For $25 you can change your faction. You can also change your race, your gender, and more with some real life cash. All we’re missing is $10 for images attached to the end of your mail or $25 for WoW armory decorations.

Bah, this makes for a great question this week. Scroll on down if you want to read more.

Let’s talk turkey, the Pilgrim holiday is coming up soon. We’ll have a guide on it ASAP here at Ten Ton Hammer, but do be aware that it’s a brand new holiday this year and it’s going to be awesome and/or/probably buggy.

WoW China’s servers are still down and no one seems to care around here.

Other than that, there’s not a lot of WoW news right now. The Guild’s latest episode has them breaking apart and working up on the retake, but I didn’t find it too notable.

Just a few more days until you need to convert your account to! Be sure to do it.

Got an awesome website or guild site you wanted pimped at Ten Ton Hammer? Send me a link at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can do.

PTR Roundup

Lifeblood will improve with more health. Thankfully it’ll be useful now.

Meeting Stones get their max level removed. There is a Pug pet (the doggie) if you PUG instances under the new system. Awesome!

Group disenchanting requires an Enchanter, thankfully, so that’s awesome. BG dailies will award arena points, because welfare epics are called that for a reason. Invincible is in the game, that’s Arthas’s horse, who knows how you’ll obtain it. Questhelper is all but built into the game now, too, which is cool.

A lot of cooldowns are getting buffed with a decrease in the cooldown time. Oh and Priests get to be on fire with their latest tier set. Paladins still come from outer space though.

OCULUS NERF COMING! Soon you won't dread it as the daily. Soon. Probably still will, but we can hope the upcoming changes make it a little bit better.

Portable Hole sold by Haris Pilton is a 24 slot bag. Meatsink anyone? 3k gold is chump change these days though.

It Happened in /Trade

Guess what, the lame It Happened in /Trade is now gone. Poof. Vanished. Why did it leave? Well, I realized that we're all tired of looking at trade and the countless mentions of the word "ninja", "mom", and "cactus". Therefore, I bring to you our loyal Overpull readers, a weekly comic. Now, all of them may not be as good as this and may just me photoshoping screenshots, but I'm sure it will be more entertaining.

Here you go:

TTH Forum Spotlight

World of Warcraft ~ Pet Store!!! - Why it's a thread about this weeks main subject. Which is why it should be the TTH Forum Spotlight for this week, me thinks.

What's the Buzz

Alright, simple enough question, are you buying the $10 pet from Blizzard?

Let’s look at the panda. $5 goes to Make-A-Wish so it’s kinda like you’re paying $5 for a pet and doing a $5 donation which you’ll probably end up doing this holiday season (if not more). On the other hand, it’s real life cash, to Blizzard, for a non-playable pet.

Now, I currently don’t have one but I can’t help but say that I wouldn’t want a Lil’ K.T. because I love Kel’thuzad as a character and the fact that the in-game mail pretty much admits he shows up like 20 times in the game is just awesome. Then again, $10 is some pumpkin latte from Starbucks.

Micro-Transactions are a tricky subject when WoW comes into play. Now I’m not going to blow the MT whistle on this because it’s just two pets, but we’re getting awfully close to the Blizzard store offering 10 Badges of Triumph for $20 (limit 1 per week, for balance, yeah) or unique mounts for $20 or something along those lines. I wonder if this is the recoup the small sum of cash they get from Chinese players who are unable to play still or are subscriptions on the decline? Maybe Blizzard just wants more cash since more money is a good thing. Who knows.

If you want to answer two questions, are going to buy a print of your character? Some company is offering prints of your WoW character (Blizzard approved of course) to hang on your wall or frame. I’m just going to say an instant no to that.

Forums link to comment.

What's the Buzz

Let’s talk about Tirion Fordring. He’s pretty awesome, right?

So let’s start at the start. He’s the mayor of Hearthglen. He’s out and about one day and meets an orc called Eitrigg who’s this chill orc near a tower. Well, they fight because Tirion is a human and Eitrigg is an orc. The tower collapses and Tirion gets knocked out. He’s sent back home on the back of a horse where he wakes up beaten and bruised. Wondering why the Orc didn’t kill him, he returns to where he was at and talks to Eitrigg and finds out he hates the current leadership (the bad orcs). Tirion thinks the guy isn’t half bad and says he’ll keep his location a secret.

So he rolls back to Hearthglen and says “hey guys its cool I killed dat orc good now let’s party it up holy style” except for the fact that ghoul guy (Barthilas) who was human then was like welp I think he’s lying because the story required that. Saidan (who wasn’t a dreadlord at the time) is like ok let’s go find this orc. Well, they find him and Tirion is like NO GET AWAY HE IS A GOOD ORC and they’re like NO YOU’RE STUPID CAPTURE THE ORC.

They capture the orc and strip Tirion of his paladin powers (not that u.i. mod no one would take pally power from Tirion he’d go nuts trying to buff his own army), rank, and everything and told him to go be a hermit. Before he’s ready to hermit it up he frees Eitrigg who meets up with Thrall who’s like yo we cool shaman orcs not crazy warrior orcs and he’s like aight I’ll join up. Tirion loses his family, his home, and everything. So he goes to that shack in EPL and chills eating worm meat from the local yellow worm things and looking at his horse.

After you’ve fed him enough worm meat he’ll give you a quest series to get a toy hammer and some other cool stuff. You’ll eventually get a scarlet disguise to go and talk with his son who is this higher up with the Scarlet Crusade. You talk to this guy, he’s like WOAH these scarlet dudes ain’t cool and leaves. Well, GRAND INQUISITOR ISILLIEN tries to gank Tirion’s kid and wins. Tirion rides up, goes nuts, ganks THE GRAND INQUISITOR ISILLIEN guy and then declares he’s reforming the knights of silver hand.

Well, that’s “the end” of the story or was for a bit. In WotLK things get a little bit more interesting. Tirion shows up when the Death Knights raid Light’s Hope Chapel and pretty much wtfpwns Arthas with Ashbringer. Arthas runs away for the first of many times here like a little girl. He then, powered by years of worm meat, declares the Argent Crusade ready to go.

You meet him again in Valgarde where you do a few quests with him. Then again in Icecrown where he’s got a cool looking keep that’s under constant attack. You basically defend the keep with him and do a few quests. He then walks down and takes over this hill and chills there for a bit. Now here is where I went and did a quest chain just for The Overpull.

The “last” storyline quest with Arthas is describing his ascent to power. Well, you do a lot of stuff with this creepy kid and do a lot of past historic moments with Arthas until you reach this point where you need to go steal/kill/redeem Arthas’ heart. Well you go and meet Tirion who is like AIGHT LETS DO THIS. He steals some cultist clothing and walks in there and waits for ‘em to bring the heart in. Arthas shows up and laughs at him and Tirion just laughs back and destroys Arthas’ heart with the Ashbringer before passing out (due to lack of worm meat I’m sure). The death knights roll in and save you and him (although I guess you could just awkwardly walk out the front door) and then he goes back to his pretty hill like nothing happened.

Then, after being bored of sitting on his appealing hill he walks to the other side of the zone and sets-up a tournament to amuse himself. You can find him there watching people wipe in raids or do dailies.

All in all Tirion is one of the more hands on characters you get to see a lot of and interact with. He has the Ahsbringer, one of the most awesome weapons in the game (supposedly anyway) and takes Arthas down to 30% during that one quest in one shot. So we know he’s powerful, cool, and loves the taste of worm meat.

That’s the lore corner this week and concludes The Overpull. Stay tuned next week for more awesome news, funny stories, lore, and questions rolled together in your ultimate WoW newsletter.

Forums link reminder, come comment!

-David "Xerin" Piner

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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