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Overpull, Ten Ton Hammer's weekly newsletter that discusses all things


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alt="Now on Farm or That's a Wipe">

week is short
and sweet. We're not commenting on what might be rumor or scuttlebutt,
so there isn't too much going on prior to BlizzCon. Luckily there are a
few items of interest though:

return is a welcome flash back
and revamp. I am looking forward to
the new and improved Ony fight and can only hope that it inspires
another href="">Ony

Two ways to win. For the first time we'll have the option to buy a href="">net-stream to watch
BlizzCon from
the comfort of our desks or we can move to the couch and watch on
DirecTV. I'm not sure either is worth $40 but I'm tempted to hit the
"accept" button anyway. I can say that the Ozzy concert offers me no
incentive. I watch the people at my relative's retirement community do
Karaoke, so I feel like I've seen plenty of old people singing.

In other news that leaves me blah, the Guild will be onhand at
BlizzCon. I get it, it's a funny concept and well done for budget
video. It's also
becoming a bit overplayed. Words to the cast: squeeze all you can out
of this fleeting fame. The new href="">"Do
You Wanna Date
My Avatar" video brought a laugh
from my non-WoW playing friends

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style="font-weight: bold;">Blues Clues 

2010 not 2009

Originally the blues posted last year's schedule, or a draft of a
schedule which was promptly pulled down and replaced with the fancier
correct version. It may look prettier but it does not reveal what we
all want to talk about. No beans have been spilled in the making of
this schedule.

33% more Con!

The map of the show floor is now available. This year the whole
convention center is BlizzCon. Even though it is fun to see the horror
on the neighboring conventioneers faces when they see the BlizzCon
attendees, having more space is a good thing. Now if they could just do
something about the store lines...


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alt="Medeor's Mishaps and Mayhem">

When Blizzard increases the drop rate on lemons, increase your skill in
making lemonade.

Last week was rough, but instead of moping I turned my frown upside
down and decided it was time for a change. Typically a carebear, I have
spent time in the Battlegrounds only long enough to rack up about
30,000 honorable kills on various characters. Most of that time was
spent farming honor to gear up alts.

This week was different, this time I was farming experience. Let me
tell you friends, the farming is good, verging on amazing. I decided to
level from 79 to 80 strictly using PvP experience (and the quests
associated with it). The Warsong Gulches would award 20,000 xp for a
flag capture which was nice, but the only place to watch your blue bar
accross the screen is Altarac Valley. Boy howdy I was getting a
bubble to two bubbles for each session in AV. With all of my screwing
around in the different BGs I didn't go as fast as I could (if I were
to do it again I would probably cut the time in half or more) so I
completed level 79 in about 10 hours of play time as evidenced by
exhibit A below:

style="margin-left: 40px; text-align: center;"> style="width: 489px; height: 225px;" alt="Ding_PvP"

Yes, that is yet another Paladin in my arsenal of level 80 Paladins.
Yes the horde won. 

Many of you are hopefully making your way to Anaheim to start the
Blizcon festivites. Let Elune's grace favor you and provide you with
patience so that you don't go on a rampage and hurt people. The lines
will be long, but it looks like the weather will not be too punishing
(~80 degrees, or some random number generated in Centigrade).

A true pre-Blizzcon newsletter would not be complete without some
prognostication. So here are my predictions for the news that will
bubble forth out of Southern California in about 48 hours:

  • New Expansion
    called the Cataclysm with hellfire and brimstone spewing forth and a
    special world event called the Medeor Shower.
  • New playable
    races; Worgen, Goblins and Gnomes. I know it sounds crazy, who would
    want to play a Gnome?
  • New Race/Class
    combinations become available. Everyone can roll an Undead Hunter and
    we can start the jokes of Feigning Undeath.
  • The level cap
    will be raised to 90. Or it will be raised to 81 which would be much
    more funny.
  • There will be a
    new option to start any class at level 55, this has been in the works
    since the Death Knights could do it.
  • I predict that
    2,147 jokes will be made about body odor.
  • The DirecTV feed
    will be watched by 1/3 of the people who bought it since most people
    just want the pet.
  • The internet
    feed will be watched by 90% of the people who bought it because they
    are more hard core than the couch crew.
  • Starcraft II
    launch date will be announced to the
    groans of "a whole year from now?!" And that is just for part one of
    three. How many decades until we see the other two parts?
  • A new class for
    Diablo III will be shown with a short
    cut scene and very little other information. Currently on the schedule
    they have one session called Heroes and Monsters and then an art
    discussion and Q&A. Expect very little here friends.
  • Turning it up to
    11, Blizzard will announce heirloom items for sale via
    micro-transactions that might not be so micro. 
  • The new dances
    will finally make their way into the game. 
  • Someone will
    master a new dance for the contest later in the show.
  • The language
    barrier will drop and we will be able to speak to members of the
    opposite faction.
  • Last but not
    least, player housing and guild halls will be discussed yet will never

So there are your iron-clad locks for this year's

style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">I
am envious of you folk heading west to attend this year. The stars did
not line up for me to attend but I'll be watching on the internet
stream as much as my schedule allows. Best of luck with the lines,
we'll see you on the other side!

What do you think of the iron clad locks for the BlizzCon predictions?
Let's discuss in our forums.

Have a great week, and thanks for reading.

-Jay "Medeor" Johnson


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016