Now on Farm or That's a Wipe

Like last week, Aion is still going around. Last night in Vent I heard a story from a friend where their heroic champ run couldn't win and with 4 attempts left one of the healers declared he was quitting for Aion and logged off.

That's always a great reason to leave WoW. Frustration with raiding.

Garrosh in going to be the big man in charge and the forums are on fire with anger and happiness. Where do you stand with this? Myself, I dislike Garrosh, because he's too generic. Do you have a thought? Come to our forums and talk about it here.

3.2.2 hit last week. You can read all about it below. Onyxia is back. Pretty interesting huh?

Riding costs got stealth nerfed in 3.2.2, you now get Org/Stormwind rep decreases in Thrallmar/Honor Hold for the flying mounts and that big ol 650 number went down a bit.

Medeor's Mishaps and Mayhem

Welcome to the Overpull, with your new host David “Xerin” Piner. I’m sure on this fine Tuesday morning you’re waiting with bated breath for the wise words of our grand sage Jay “Medeor” Johnson and his amazing wit. Well, Jay has passed off the torch for awhile while he goes and plays the newest game out there, Aion. You can find his latest ramblings over on the Aion site here at Ten Ton Hammer.

Management is a funny thing. Every time someone new takes over they must always change things. It’s an unwritten rule. If you take over something you just instantly want to change it. Even if it works, you have this thing in the back of your head that screams “I want to move this pencil on this desk over there” because we as humans want to make anything and everything we work on “ours”. Think about it. If you’re given someone else’s WoW character to play (although it’s against the ToS, we’ll play hypothetical here) you will quickly find that it’s hard to play because it’s not yours. The buttons aren’t where you want them, the interface is weird, and most importantly of all you can’t really change it since you have to give it back.

Well, for the Overpull I may not be in charge forever, Jay may at some point head back over to WoW, but for now I’m here and I’m writing to your inbox each week with my happy go lucky dialectic and philosophical tones dripping from each word. I’m going to start off with my own, personal change. Each Overpull I’ll ask a question and then provide my answer after going over this week’s happenings in WoW. Over on our forums you’re invited, as if a limo pulled up and rolled out the red carpet, to come in and give your answer. It’s not going to be something that can be answered with yes or no. Instead, it’ll be a question with a subjective answer. Something that’ll brew discussion about what’s right now in WoW and hopefully we’ll have fun exploring it.

What’s the Buzz

What is the buzz in WoW you ask? Onyxia has landed and she’s a complete joke in 10 man. Pugs everywhere are beating Onyxia senseless for free 235 purps and dancing over her corpse. I’ve even heard rumors of successful 25 man pugs, but that just comes down to luck on if their arcane selection methods truly pull in the crowds.

3.2.2 brought in some other awesome things, like the Fan of Knives nerf Q_Q and uh, Onyxia. Onyxia, Onyxia, Onyxia. I guess this is a prelude to Cataclysm when we can go back into BWL and Molten Core aga—excuse me, the Fire Realm (NOT MOLTEN CORE - SEE CONCEPT ART) and Nefarian’s New Clubhouse that isn’t Blackwing Lair. At this point I won’t be surprised if Deathwing doesn’t fly down to AQ40 and possess everyone; including C’Thun and killing C’Thun is the only way to truly defeat him. Afterwards, Kel’thuzad could spark up Naxxramas again and roll on over to the Plaguelands and announce his triumphant return with his new master, the Rice King (only rivaling the Ramen King when it comes to names).

Afterwards, Illidan and Kael’thas, fully rested from two expansions, could brew up a plan to do something in Outlands.  By this time I’m sure those mana forges could be put back to work and you know what, I don’t even remember TBC’s story. Did it have a story? Anyway, that’s when I’ll be quitting folks, since I could do well not seeing any more birdmen again. Those arakkoa are the worst. They get sprints, ranged attacks, and everything else plus make a noise that even would make a murloc weep.

Ah well. There’s nothing much else, though Brewfest is brewing along (you know Kel’thuzad should return each festival riding around on a mini Naxxrama bragging about how many times we’ve killed him by now, just a random though!) and people are getting their Brewmaster achievements left and right. You know, in the trailer you see someone drinking while riding a ram but I don’t honestly see what the point is. You have to mouse walk while drunk to move anywhere AND you’ve got four minutes of painfully working the reigns to shout anywhere. Good luck doing the barrel runs while smashed. For a holiday about drinking, you sure don’t drink a lot past the first day. You sure do get enough remote and mount drama though!

That’s the buzz for this week in WoW.

You Heard it in /Trade


I’ve seen this more than once and am puzzled how it could EVEN be. The first week she’s out and you’re already asking for the achievement as if it meant something? Pshaw! Wacky pugs and their craziness never cease to amuse me.

If you don’t get it, you can’t have the achievement this week and still run it, since it’s a week lockout! LMAO as they say.

TTH Forum Spotlight

Which thread gets the spotlight this week? Why it's... I hate thee by: Miralyn

Miralyn posts about how frustratingly lame Jousting is. I have to agree. Head on over to that thread to talk about Jousting and how much you probably hate it.

The Weekly Musing

To kick things off, this week’s question is:

Is it worth it to quit WoW to go over to Aion?

Here is a common question that we’re all forced to face often enough. A new game hits the shelves and we’re thinking: is the grass greener over there? Some of you receiving the Overpull may have already made the jump, some may be on the fence, and others are grazing in the verdant pastures of Blizzard Entertainment (with some Activision soaked in there). Well, let’s look at the number one reason not to: if you’re god in WoW you’ll be but a peon in Aion.

It’s that simple folks. Quitting WoW is like going from a middle school senior to a high school freshman. One second you’re the commanding force in the school, your team gets all the big photos in the yearbook, and everything is about you and then the next you’re shoved to the bottom of the food chain with a long, long quest until you hit the top again. Trust me, I’ve done it and I even did it for WoW. I gave up a massive army of level 50s in Dark Age of Camelot (when 50 meant something) to pick up a staff and play as a newbie Mage. In that same regard, I gave up even more fame and power before picking up my first sword and getting my faced punched in by Squik in DAoC.

To me, right now, it’s not worth it. The rate of change in WoW is insane. Earlier this year Naxxramas was impossible content only done by progression guilds. Now it’s pugged and the people barely even care what they bring. If you give up WoW for a month and come back you’ll find yourself being pushed into obscurity. Not to mention the guild drama from leaving and coming back and weirdness of cursing something off only to be there staring at it again.

Sure, Aion may be a great game. I wouldn’t know personally since I haven’t even given it a try, but that’s alright. If it ever does get to the point that I absolutely have to try it I will, but until then WoW is good enough for me. It satisfies every possible thing I want out of an MMOG right now and I’m happy and content playing away.

Of course my entire soap box rant means nothing if you’re not even level 80. In which case, you could easily just quit and come back later. You won’t miss a lot, unless you’re gone long enough for Cataclysm to hit. Then it might be a little awkward when you load back in.

That’s the Overpull for this week. If I haven’t poked you enough to visit our forums and talk then consider this another poke. Hit up this link to zoom through the Internet to our forums where you can talk about what you think about switching WoW for another game.

Before we head out, what do you think about this week's question? Quitting WoW for Aion or are you staying put. What do you think about Onyxia? Jousting something you hate? Miss Jay and wish he'd hurry back? Come on over to our forums and talk about!

Hope you have fun this week and that you're able to get your Brewfest achievement before Brewfest wraps up this week!

-David "Xerin" Piner

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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