The Overpull is here again this week with news, lore, community, and a comic. This week we go into patch 3.3, talk about patch frequency, go into how the WoW comics are really weird and a nice ramble about who will become the Lich King when the fail of I mean Fall of the Lich King happens.

We crave patches now more than ever. Before patches were common and we were rewarded with major innovation every other month. Now we wait 3-5 months to get the next “big” batch of changes at once and go crazy once we get them. The month before the new patch is boring. It’s like a roller coaster of feelings. How many of you hit your ceiling long before 3.3 came out? You know, that spot you can’t push forward content wise anymore *cough* heroic PvP champs *cough*.

The Overpull is here again this week.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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