The WoW Weekly Report: The Overpull is here again with more news, lore, and more for World of Warcraft. This week we delve into the "hot" topic of merchandising and discuss the power levels of various characters in the lore. Join us each week as we go over all the happenings in WoW.

I think the big issue with Hot Topic isn’t how a major corporation often tries to pretend it’s punk rock when punk rock is all about doing things yourself and fighting the system. I think the big issue is that now that punk rock and vampires are devoured by the masses it has moved on to devouring Internet memes. You can find a lot of stuff in their store that goes on and on about dead Internet memes and just sigh to yourself as the tween population, who are now feasting on those memes (because they’re the last ones to “get” them), buys the store out.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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