John Thornhill Discusses Dark Age of Camelot's New Lesson Quests

BioWare Mythic’s John Thornhill explains how Dark Age of Camelot will enhance the new user experience using “Lesson Quests” in Update 1.110.

The older generations of MMORPGs were not the most user-friendly of games. Many games tossed you into a huge world with a rusty sword, slapped you on the back and you were on your own to learn the ways of the world. Dark Age of Camelot is one such game and BioWare/Mythic is looking to make the game a little easier to learn with a New User Journey in Update 1.110.

Part of the new update will include Lesson Quests, which are aimed at teaching players about game features, mechanics and tactics to survive in the world and RvR (Realm vs Realm) encounters. The new Lesson Quests are optional, so any veteran or returning players can choose to skip right over it if they want, but the devs are hoping that the system might even be able to teach veterans a few new tricks, so vets may want to give it a try once it goes live to see if it might have something more to offer.

Dark Age of Camelot will celebrate its 10th anniversary in October and the update is part of the planned festivities to celebrate the milestone.  

Source: Dark Age of Camelot Developer Diary

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