DDO: Shadowfell Conspiracy Screenshots Preview Deception Dungeon

Turbine reveals a new batch of screenshots that goes inside the Deception dungeon of the Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion.

One of the new things that players will have the opportunity to delve into with the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Online: Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion is the new Deception dungeon. The new screenshots are dubbed by Turbine’s press release as "A Lesson in Deception, a new dungeon in DDO's upcoming expansion.” Make of that what you will as you adventure through Wheloon when the expansion launches on August 19th, 2013.

Shadowfell-Conspiracy-Deception-Dungeon-Hound-01 Shadowfell-Conspiracy-Deception-Dungeon-Hound-02 Shadowfell-Conspiracy-Deception-Dungeon-Hound-03
Shadowfell-Conspiracy-Deception-Dungeon-Hound-04 Shadowfell-Conspiracy-Deception-Dungeon-Hound-05 Shadowfell-Conspiracy-Deception-Dungeon-Hound-06
Shadowfell-Conspiracy-Deception-Dungeon-Hound-08 Shadowfell-Conspiracy-Deception-Dungeon-Hound-07 Shadowfell-Conspiracy-Deception-Dungeon-Hound-08
Shadowfell-Conspiracy-Deception-Dungeon-Hound-10 Shadowfell-Conspiracy-Deception-Dungeon-Hound-11

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