New DDO: Shadowfell Conspiracy Screenshots Go to Prison

Posted Mon, Jun 03, 2013 by Martuk

Turbine heads into the dark prison city of Wheloon this week in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Online: Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion. The once prosperous trading town was walled off and turned into a massive prison by the king of Cormyr upon discovering that the town was filled with traitorous Shar worshippers.

Since closing off the town, something darker has emerged by way of the Shadowfell, a plane of darkness and despair filled with really bad things. Give the screenshots below a look for a peek at what lies beyond the walls of Wheloon.

If you’re itching to try out the latest expansion content, Turbine also announced that any players that pre-order the Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion prior to Wednesday, June 5th will be granted guaranteed beta access.

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Shadowfell Conspiracy launches on Monday, August 19th, 2013.

DDO-Wheloon-Combat-01 DDO-Wheloon-Combat-02 DDO-Wheloon-Combat-03
DDO-Wheloon-Combat-01 DDO-Wheloon-Combat-02 DDO-Wheloon-Combat-03

Wheloon Background:
When the king of Cormyr discovered that Wheloon was full of traitorous Shar worshippers, he walled off the prosperous trading town and made it into a massive prison, a chaotic hellhole where life is cheap and imprisoned criminals battle over control of the ruined streets.  And now something even worse has come to the prison – the Shadowfell, a plane of darkness and despair filled with fell creatures commanded by a mighty empire.

Players will adventure through the twisting streets of Wheloon and climb up to its rooftops to explore the town from a completely different perspective. They’ll investigate hidden corners and dangerous interiors, and discover new creatures and treasure through Wheloon’s Random Encounter system.  And through a serious of quests they will begin to unravel the secrets of the Shadowfell Conspiracy.

For more information on Shadowfell Conspiracy, the next expansion to Dungeons & Dragons Online, please visit

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