Turbine Announces Update 11: Secrets of the Artificers for Dungeons & Dragons Online

Turbine reveals new details about the largest content update for Dungeons & Dragons Online this year.

Turbine has announced that Dungeons and Dragons Online will launch Update 11: Secrets of the Artificers in September and the content update is set to be the largest update of 2011.

The update includes the new Artificer class, who is described as a blend of Rogue and Arcane classes capable of using mechanical pets and the addition of the House Cannith Enclave, a new high level quest hub. Players will also be able to advance their crafting skills to level 150 and even craft new magical weapons for all classes known as Draconic Runestones. Additionally, the update's press release claims that Stormreach will face its most terrible foe yet and challenge players with two new high level raids, a new wilderness area and three new dungeons.

Check out the Update 11: Secrets of the Artificer page to learn more about the new content.

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