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EVE Online Cinematic Trailer Links to DUST 514

Posted Mon, Mar 26, 2012 by Martuk

CCP revealed a new CGI trailer showing the rise of the first immortal soldiers for the upcoming EVE Online tie-in, DUST 514. The new trailer delves into the story that will bridge the two games and the technology behind the creation of the Templar soldiers. Give it a look after the break.

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This is going to be one of the most important years for EVE Online since the game went live way back in 2003. glad!|Best Video Games

When I came to my friend’s house I used to watched this trailer and amazed. I kept playing this game since my high school days and even now. EVE Online is one of my favorite games even if there are a lot of online games that are release now through several sites.
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I have visited on this site somany times and found always new updates about game versions. Useful details like this one must be kept and managed so I will put this one on my save list.

Your article is full of colourfull information. I appreciate it very much. BTW, I think maybe I can share mines with you.
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The cinematic trailer looks really awesome and the trailer has been pictured very beautifully. I think it being linked to DUST is really nice to hear.
I think it is the best game that i have played after a long time and this is the most exciting one of all.

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