Frogster Reveals New Eligium – The Chosen One Details and Trailer

Frogster reveals a new trailer and details for their upcoming free-to-play MMOG, Eligium – The Chosen One.
Frogster will be presenting its upcoming free-to-play MMORPG Eligium – The Chosen One at gamescom this week, but today the publisher has revealed new details about the game ahead of this week’s event. Developed by Chinese developer Shanda Games, Eligium offers players five playable race and class combinations (even a panda fighter), a customizable skill system, instanced dungeons and open world opponents. The game also features PvP and guild systems with player housing, a ranking system and wars between guild and factions.

Fans attending this week’s gamescom even will get the chance to play the game for the first time. Eligium - The Chosen One is scheduled to launch in 2012. If you can’t make this week’s gamescom event, head over to the official website to check sign up for the beta and check out the new trailer after the break.

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