Move over World of Warcraft. There’s a new Panda Monk in town and he’s not from Pandaria.

Frogster has revealed two new race and classes for their upcoming MMORPG, Eligium, and one might sound a little familiar.

The first of the two classes is the Panda Monk. Using the power of their chi, Panda Monks can take on enemies up close and at a distance and even use magic. Panda Monks can choose a specialization class at level 15 such the Fire Breather for fortification spells and long-range magic.

The second Eligium class revealed is the elven arcane forest dwellers, the oldest of the four races of Galgaron and masters of long-range combat. Like the Panda Monk, elves can choose a specialization class at level 15 such as the Scout, which can attack with deadly precision from a distance.

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Showcasing ELIGIUM’s Races and Classes

New ELIGIUM Website Introduces Pandas and Elves

SAN FRANCISCO and BERLIN – October 27, 2011 - Berlin publisher Frogster launched the official website for the fantasy MMO ELIGIUM – The Chosen One earlier today. At , fans will now find a forum as well as a growing library of in-depth information and videos on the game’s races and classes. Details of the pandas and elven races were revealed today.

The Pandas – Masters of Martial Arts

For years they train in the secluded monasteries of their homeland, tempering body and spirit with the aspiration of becoming a monk. Once they have achieved this status, they are able to harness the power of their chi – the energy that flows through every living being – and harness it in battle. Using this life force, they instill fear in their foes, both in close combat as well as long-range fighting. Like the other races, pandas are given the choice between two skill specializations once they have reached level 15.

One such specialization is that of the Fire Breather. Panda monks with this designation particularly excel at fortification spells and long-range magical attacks, for example Breath of Fire, which hurls a mighty blast of flame at unsuspecting opponents. In contrast, pandas that opt for the other specialization develop into terrifying close-combat fighters. Through their training, they can learn to create several clones of themselves for support in battle.

The Elves – Arcane Forest Dwellers

The elves are one of the oldest of the four races of Galgaron. These mysterious creatures have inhabited the dense forests since the dawn of time, and over the centuries they have become true masters of long-range combat. As hunters and trappers, they have mastered archery like no other race and always hit their mark, no matter how distant. Like the pandas, elves also have two specialization options. The first is that of the Scout, who is able to attack with deadly precision. The second specialization is of a more defensive nature. Elves who choose this path learn to become almost invisible, darting from one shadow to the next and expertly utilizing every possible opportunity for concealment.

About ELIGIUM – The Chosen One

The fantasy MMORPG ELIGIUM – The Chosen One sets itself apart through the extraordinary depth of its gameplay and a range of features that will impress fans of all genres. The game is set in an impressively atmospheric world where players battle evil and each other, guided by hundreds of exciting quest series. ELIGIUM’s demanding boss battles, group instances, mounts and pets, guilds, PvP and ranking systems, item upgrade system and many other features provide players with a great deal of variety. Upon selecting a character, players have a choice between four races which are linked to specific classes. Will the next Chosen One be a human warrior or mage, an elven hunter, a virid druid or a panda monk? The choice is yours.

ELIGIUM Features:

• Five playable race/class combinations and endless possibilities for customization through a skill system and extensive item upgrades

• Demanding instances and dungeons

• Cross-server PvP battles, epic guild battles, housing, a ranking system and much more

• Detailed server-wide statistics and rankings

• A novel mount system allowing players to raise and train their own companions who will support them in battle

About Shanda Games

Shanda Games Limited (NASDAQ: GAME) is a leading online game developer, operator and publisher in China. Shanda Games offers a diversified game portfolio, which includes some of the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) and advanced casual games in China, targeting a large and diverse community of users. Shanda Games manages and operates online games that are developed in-house, co-developed with world-leading game developers, acquired through investments or licensed from third parties.

Frogster – We take you to a new world!

The Frogster group is a Berlin-based international publisher of online games. Frogster has focused on the growth sector of massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) from early on. The company licenses, markets, and operates its virtual worlds for millions of players in Europe, North America, and Oceania. With its top titles ‘Runes of Magic’ and ‘Bounty Bay Online’ Frogster has already gathered over 6 million registered players worldwide. Three other ambitious MMO games, ‘TERA’, ‘Eligium – The Chosen One’, and ‘RaiderZ’, are slated for release in 2012. At its offices in Berlin and San Francisco, the Frogster group employs more than 200 staff members in the fields of licensing, IT, web design/web development, product management, business development, marketing, PR, community management, customer support, hosting, sales, billing, and finance/administration. In 2008, Frogster won the title of “Landmark in the Land of Ideas” in a competition under the patronage of the German president. Additional information is available at:

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