Brad McQuaid Talks About Building EverQuest

EverQuest helped pave the way for the modern MMORPG market and the game’s visionary Brad McQuaid talks about how it happened.

Modern day MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic all owe a great deal to EverQuest for helping pave the way for the modern market for the genre. And while that certainly doesnÂ’t take away from contributions of other games such as Ultima Online, Meridian 59 and Dark Age of Camelot, EverQuest managed to help mainstream the genre and capture players in such a way that it was even at one time called EverCrack.

EverQuest visionary Brad McQuaid recently sat down for a chat with MMORPG.som to talk about how the game came to be and what the devs had to overcome in order to carve out their section of the virtual world. And while the challenges were many, the devs managed to meet them and create something special and fondly remembered by many players.

We made the game we ourselves wanted to play. We wanted a challenging game where players could get a real sense of accomplishment, where risk vs. reward really meant something. The more difficult games we'd played, both online and offline, were the ones we both enjoyed and fondly remembered.

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Source: Building EQ - The Brad McQuaid Interview

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