SOE Develops New Plan to Keep Players Together Following ProSieben Deal

Sony Online Entertainment has developed a new plan to allow US and EU players to keep playing together.

Last week the Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) game forums erupted in protest after SOE revealed details about their new deal that put 8 of their game titles under the publishing control of ProSiebienSat.1 in several European territories. Unfortunately, part of the deal also stated that EU and US players would pretty much be segregated.

Following a mass of player feedback, SOE took a step back and began re-evaluating the plan. A little good news turned up today from SOE boss John Smedley via Twitter. In a brief post, Smedley stated, “We've come up with a plan to allow ALL players to play on any servers they want. More details to follow.”

While the details about the new plan have not been revealed, players can at least let out a small sigh of relief. It looks like everyone will get to keep playing together after all.

Source: John SmedleyÂ’s Twitter

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