John Smedley Tackles Server Restriction Concerns for EverQuest Next

SOE boss John Smedley lays to rest fears of region locked servers for future EU players in EverQuest Next.

One of the big points of backlash that came about with SOE's initial deal with ProSibien to publish its games in EU was the original plan to segregate EU players from their US friends and vice versa. The backlash eventually led to changes that allowed players to continue playing with friends regardless of the region in which they were located.

Naturally, with EverQuest Next now unveiled, some of those fears have resurfaced. SOE boss John Smedley took to Twitter today to lay some of those fears to rest for future EverQuest Next players.

Smedley further clarrified with a second tweet.

So that should put to rest a few concerns for some players.

Source: John Smedley Twitter

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