SOE Teases the EverQuest Next Black Box

The EverQuest Next social site goals have been hit and SOE have announced the release dates and a new "Black Box" teaser video.

SOE hit its stretch goals for its social sites yesterday, unlocking three new rewards for the EverQuest Next community. In a recent post to its Facebook page, SOE announced the dates for the release of the new content starting on July 29th with the early sketch work of Gabor Szikszai. On August 1st, SOE Live attendees will receive their poster art. Lastly, and the big one, fans will have a chance to see inside of the "Black Box" at SOE HQ where EverQuest Next is being developed on August 6th.

In the meantime, SOE saw fit to release a new video that will only serve to tease you even further about what’s inside that secretive "Black Box" in their secure bunker. Give it a look below.

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