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What's next for EQ? EverQuest Next!

If you're like me, you haven't actually played EverQuest in a long time, but that doesn't mean the memories aren't well-preserved. I remember things like the nervous excitement I felt as my guild descended for the first time into Crystal Caverns among the orcs and spiders. I remember /shouting, "Train to Umbral!" when my group accidentally picked up a dozen hooded Xi Vius (Xi Viuses?) while traversing Maiden's Eye. I remember how pumped I was when my guild and I went off to slay the mighty dragon Faydedar for my Druid epic weapon quest, only to find out that he was a puny little lizard that didn't look scary at all. (Whatever. He still packed a punch.)

All these fond memories of hours spent traversing a giant world have me jonesing for the next step in the EQ franchise -- EverQuest Next. As a member of the gaming press, I know more about this game than you do...and I can't tell you a damn thing yet. But let me just say this: I've been trying to keep my enthusiasm for EQ Next in check (because, you know, hype leads to disillusionment), and I just can't. It's too big and too awesome. And it's Norrath, people! Our Norrath. In what promises to be a truly next gen game. If you're not already holding up your MasterCard and shouting, "Shut up and take my money!", maybe this video of what made EQ great will help.

We talk about EQ Next a lot here, speculating and dreaming about what's to come. The game will be revealed in all its glory at SOE Live in Las Vegas on August 2nd at noon pacific. Keep your eyes on Ten Ton Hammer for upcoming previews and features as we're able to reveal them!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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