EverQuest Next Producer Teases New Lore and Upcoming Landmark Reveals

Senior Producer Terry Michaels teases fans with the next EverQuest Next lore update and upcoming Landmark releases over the next few weeks.

Senior Producer Terry Michaels posted a new Producer’s Letter video today to update fans on the happenings for EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next: Landmark over the next few weeks. In the coming weeks, fans can expect to see more from the devs about Landmark’s terraforming and building tools. Additionally, SOE will be starting its livestreaming events for EverQuest Next this Wednesday with the Round Table discussions serving as the first topic.

For lore fans, a new novella will be coming out from Robert Lassen, which will serve as a precursor to his Fall of Bastion novella. The story will reveal more about the first meeting of Keramore Thex and Coralen Larkos, and how that meeting led to some of the events that occurred in Fall of Bastion.

You can watch the video below, but be sure to keep your eyes locked on EQHammer for all the latest news and features for the EverQuest franchise.

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