New ESO “Ask Us Anything” Answers Progression Questions

By Stacy Jones -

If you had a question about progression in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), thereÂ’s a good chance it may have gotten answered in this weekÂ’s his weekÂ’s Ask Us Anything. This week the devs answered a huge bundle of questions posed by both fans and fan sites about progression in all its forms, be it crafting, weapons, skills limits and morphing, characters, and more.

Just a quick summary of a few things in this weekÂ’s feature include the option to have skills of a higher level than your character, weapon and stat details, morphing skills, the confirmation of a respec option, and much more. Additionally, Zenimax also explained the reasoning behind their decision to develop ESO with a class-based system.

Source: ESO Ask Us Anything: Progression

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