Eurogamer Expo 2013: Ten Ton Hammer Awards

Posted Mon, Sep 30, 2013 by Lewis B

Eurogamer 2013 was a bustling show that had dozens upon dozens of games on show. Some were popular, some less so but when it comes down to it, there are always some games which stand out for one reason or another. After a good night’s rest and plenty of thought, below is a list of the best and worst that the show had to offer as well as some curve balls we really weren't expecting to be anything special. 

Best of Show – Titanfall 

Without question one of the finest games I've played in years and the king of the show floor. Polished with slick presentation and incredible gameplay, Titanfall stood out from the moment you sat through the tutorial video. The drama of ejecting from a mech cockpit as you're fired 500 meters into the air only to traverse. With Battlefield 4 showing next to it, the two products couldn't be further apart in terms of modernisation. May cannot come soon enough.


Best Use of Piano – Doom 

Quite possibly the most hilarious, surreal moment of the entire show is seeing someone play Doom on a piano. With piano keys determining movement (strafing, turning, using and switching weapons) it was a comical endeavour that served to entertain the crowds. The tunes created while playing might not have been pleasant on the ears, but it drew huge numbers and left everyone smiling. What we're now waiting for is for someone to write a score that accurately moves you around the level, from start to finish, while killing all enemies. That would be something special. 

Most Charming – Tearaway 

Papercraft taken to a whole new level, the premise of the game – please bear with me – is that the protagonist is to deliver a message. Although the demo didn't go into too much detail, your mission is to aid him in this in a beautifully crafted world. From the droplets of rain to the music, all of it was wonderfully presented. The hand crafted aesthetic is instantly appealing and charming.


Most Impressive Queue – Pokémon X and Y 

With one of Nintendo's biggest franchise (if not the biggest) I'm still in disbelief at the fact they only had 3 DS that you could play it on. With queues in excess of 2 hours (unsurprisingly) it really deserved better from Nintendo. Thankfully for them, the game looks and plays brilliantly and was well worth the queuing time. 

Most Unexpected – Framed 

This is a game that is hard to explain. Played on IOS or Android, you aid an individual escaping a scenario. To help him, you rearrange a series of panels of a comic strip to ensure he escapes each “page” successfully. For example, one puzzle sees you running down corridors to which you rearrange the exit doors that the protagonist uses to escape. Some panels feature police officers who are intent on stopping you, but if arranged incorrectly will ensure your demise. With great animation and visuals, it deserves a look.


Most Wanted T-Shirt Award 

Titanfall seems to be getting plenty of mentions here today and rightfully so. I lost count at the amount of people asking for T-Shirts only for the staff managing the lines unfortunately having none to give. We can forgive Respawn Entertainment for that. Considering the queue size minus the cotton wear, we'll settle for no T-Shirt if it means a fantastic product. 

Most Forgettable – Watchdogs 

Lauded as the game of the show in the official Eurogamer 2013 programme, Watchdogs just misses the mark. With an approach to hacking involving nothing more than pressing square, there's very little here in the way of interaction of innovation. Appearing more as a re-skinned Assassins Creed than an original entry, the mechanics and play were just unexciting. The crowds and I quickly moved along.


Kinda weird that someone who said they enjoyed TESO over Wildstar and wanted to play some more TESO, gave the best MMO Game award to Wildstar, while tossing TESO the most Disappointing game 'award'.

Care to elaborate on why you decided to go this route?

Without trying to put words in the author's mouth, he actually had plenty of good things to say about WildStar. He was honest (perhaps brutally even) in his criticisms, but he wasn't ashamed of his hope for the game. Considering TESO has tried to distance itself from even being an MMORPG at times - these factors probably gave WildStar the nod.

Of course I can :)

I went in with high expectations of TESO and in reality, it's a bit of a sloppy mess that's in desperate need of help. I love its art direction and world, but there's very little that captures the feeling of an MMOG or of polished game at the moment. On the flip side, WildStar is super polished and looks incredible. It's a traditional MMORPG that is in a fantastic state in comparison to TESO.

Perspective and a break from the expo also helped as I wrote the awards after much thought.

I highly disagree with Watchdogs being the most forgettable. The 20 + minute demo they showed was fantastic! Yes you hack things with one button but considering how much you can interact with they can't exactly put a mini game in for everything you hack.

Also calling it a reskin of AC is a bit silly as well since the games share nothing in common and has been built from the ground up for the past 5 years.

Note people, Wildstar released an update that said they completely re did the questing system! They're very responsive to what people have to say about the game.

It's really shaping up to be the MMO I've always waited for!

If you wish to look at the updates they're making to the game check their facebook page. I cannot post the webpage here, apparently D:

That sounds really positive, I'll check that out.

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