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CCP Soundwave Talks EVE Online: Inferno (Video - Part 2)

Updated Wed, Mar 28, 2012 by Ethec

This is the second and final half of our interview with CCP Soundwave (Kristoffer Touberg), the lead designer for EVE Online. In this half of the interview, Soundwave addresses still more of the questions concerning the EVE keynote presentation about the coming year in EVE Online.

For the first part of this interview, go here.

In this interview we discuss a new mining ship, potential for a new line of destroyers, the DUST 514/EVE Online link, new modules, high-sec war changes, NPC corporations, a buff to ships that specialize in electronic warfare, the possibility of modular starbases, and the much-anticipated new salvage drones.

Ten Ton Hammer Video: Click to play.

the video doesn't work

Video not starting...

you all going to make new ganking ships to,another fail from ccp lol

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Another aging system due for a retrofit in Retribution is Crimewatch, EVE Online's aggression flagging mechanic. Crimewatch held its own as a system that allows criminal players to be killed without penalty, but over time it's become, in Ned's words, "a jumbled mess.

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Bust Out the Credit Cards: EVE Fanfest 2015 and EVE Vegas Tickets Now on Sale

It seems like the floodgates have officially opened on fan event ticket sales. If you haven't already broke the bank snagging tickets for SOE Live or BlizzCon, today CCP is giving you two more opportunities to do so as tickets have gone on sale for both EVE Vegas and EVE Fanfest 2015.

Fri, May 16, 2014

Can’t make it down to Reykjavik, Iceland for EVE Fanfest 2014 in May? There’s an online streaming alternative.

Press Release, News
Wed, Apr 09, 2014

CCP reveals its plans for an epic celebration of the EVE universe at EVE Fanfest in May.

Press Release, Video, News, Official Announcements
Fri, Feb 28, 2014

The first issue of Dark Horse Comics’ new series featuring the true stories of EVE Online in comic form is now available.

News, Official Announcements
Thu, Feb 20, 2014

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