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The Economics Of Customs Offices In Crucible (EVE Online Guide)

Posted Wed, Dec 14, 2011 by Space Junkie

All over the universe of EVE Online, corporations are rushing to destroy and replace customs offices and replace them with their own. But how much ISK will that cost? And how much ISK will it make them? How long will it take to recoup these costs? In this guide, we take a look at the economics involved in running a customs office in EVE Online.

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Assembly Costs For Your Customs Office In EVE Online

Obtaining ingredients used in assembling the gantry are the main cost of building them. The costs can be defrayed if you know someone with a lot of factional warfare loyalty points, or if you make your own advanced commodities on planets, or if you own a blueprint original for capital construction parts, but otherwise they're the price of doing business. Note that all prices involved are prone to fluctuations as the market adjusts itself.

  • Customs Office Gantry Blueprint (1-run copy): 22mil ISK.
  • x1 Capital Construction Parts (4.7mil ISK)
  • x5 Integrity Response Drones (1.51mil ISK per unit)
  • x10 Organic Mortar Applicators (.82mil ISK per unit)
  • x10 Nano-Factory (1.08mil ISK per unit)
  • x14 Sterile Conduits (1.25mil ISK per unit)

Total: approximately 48.75 mil.

Activation Costs For Your Customs Office In EVE Online

  • x8 Broadcast Node (1.6mil ISK per unit)
  • x8 Self-Harmonizing Power Core (1.65mil ISK per unit)
  • x8 Recursive Computing Module (1.13mil ISK per unit)
  • x8 Wetware Mainframe (2.05mil ISK per unit)

Total: approximately 51.44 mil.

Grand Total: approximately 122.19mil ISK.

Profiting From Your Customs Office In EVE Online

The point of all this rigamarole is taxes. Much to the chagrin of many planet-using players in EVE Online, CCP has changed the "base prices" of the objects used in their tax formulas. The new values guarantee that customs office owners will be able to recoup their investment costs within a reasonable time frame, even if they are the only users of the planet. When others use the planet, things start to get downright profitable.

Consider the following table. It is shows how much ISK is taxed from an item with a 15% tax rate:

  • Advanced Commodities: 202,500 ISK
  • Specialized Commodities: 10,500 ISK
  • Refined Commodities: 1,350 ISK
  • Basic Commodities: 75 ISK
  • Planet Resources: .75 ISK

Most players in low-security and null-security space probably do not make specialized or advanced commodities, but rather rely on bringing basic or refined commodities to high-sec for sale, to earn their ISK.

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