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Making ISK By Inventing Missiles In EVE Online (Part 2)

Posted Tue, Sep 21, 2010 by Space Junkie

Continuing the first part of this guide, this portion explains the details of manufacturing tech two missiles from blueprint copies. Specifically, Scourge Fury Heavy Missiles, the invention of which has been described in a previous guide. This guide also takes a look at the costs and profits involved with their production, and offers advice for boosting your profit margins.

A Brief Recap

Briefly, for those that might not initially be interested in a missile-making project, the idea is as follows: Scourge Fury Heavy Missiles are the most popular tech two ammunition, with up to twenty million sold in Jita, alone, each day. Inventing and making them is a good way to use invention and manufacturing slots, particularly because tech two ammunition takes a long time to complete during the build phase. This means that you, the player, only need to check in every few days to keep the operation running.

EVE Online

Scourge Fury missiles are such a lucrative and resilient market that you would have to be crazy to not make them.

This portion of the guide assumes that you have already obtained the blueprint copies necessary to build scourge fury missiles. For more details about the invention process and otherwise, check out the first half of this guide.

Skill Requirements

As an advanced ammunition type, scourge furies also have some additional skill requirements in order to make them, with some additional training needed if you want to earn the most ISK possible from the project.

In order to actually make the missiles from their blueprint, you need to train Graviton Physics I. But in order to make one of the ingredients (if you are into saving as many costs as you can, and you should be) you need to train that skill to level III.

You will also need the Industry skill trained to V in order to manufacture the missiles.

Special Ingredients

Like all tech two items, there are some unusual ingredients involved, beyond mere asteroid minerals. Let's discuss them:

Graviton Pulse Generator: A tech two component, made from several kinds of moon minerals. You can buy the blueprint original in order to supply yourself but be warned that researching it involves some painful skills. It is better to buy the part in Jita, or ideally, an already researched blueprint original off a contract. If you have the blueprint, the ingredient materials can be obtained in Jita easily enough.

Morphite: The tech two mineral, it is found in the rare Mercoxit asteroids, which are sprinkled sparsely throughout some parts of outlaw space.

Phenolic Composites: A material made from several reacted moon minerals. It can be bought in Jita easily enough. Be sure to use buy orders, rather than sell orders.

R.A.M. - Ammunition Tech: A special item that is damaged each time you use it. You will need several for each batch of missiles, and some will be completely consumed. Partially used R.A.M.s can be repaired and re-used. Buy a blueprint original for these, as you will go through them like candy.

Rocket Fuel: A planet-made commodity. You can buy these at a market hub, or make them yourself on a planet. They can be kind of expensive, so it might be worth looking into making these if you are interested in being a planeteer. Indeed, it can be produced with just a single storm planet, though multiple planets worth of production will probably be needed in order to supply your needs.

The Production Job

Checking to make sure that you have all of the ingredients assembled couldn't be easier. Just attempt a manufacturing job with maximum runs, and see what you come up short of. Your exact needs will vary depending on what your production skills are, but having "Production Efficiency" trained to V is not especially difficult, and will make the entire process so much more lucrative that it is silly to embark on this endeavor without it. All serious industrialists have trained it and this is a business model intended for serious industrialists. That being said, you can probably still turn a profit with production efficiency IV, but throughout this article my maths will assume that it is trained all the way.

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