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EVE PvP: Black Ops Hot Drops (EVE Online Guide)

Updated Thu, Mar 01, 2012 by Space Junkie

Does using a black ops battleship to teleport an entire fleet to directly on top of an unsuspecting target sound fun? If so, you will probably like this EVE PvP guide.

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This guide is the spiritual successor to a subsection of one of our guides to finding PvP in EVE Online, but the topic bore more discussion. This is not the be all, end all guide on the subject, but should suffice to familiarize newer players as to the challenges and rewards of this EVE PvP play style.

Covert Hot Drop Battle Plan

The battle plan with this method of EVE PvP is as follows: a black ops battleship uses a Covert Jump Portal Generator I module to allow an entire fleet of cloak-using ships to teleport to a destination selected by a second ship equipped with a Covert Cynosural Field Generator I. In essence, a temporary one-way bridge is created between the locations.

With the exception of other black ops battleships, the ships teleporting to the destination must all be capable of using the Covert Ops Cloaking Device II, meaning only stealthy ships can make the trip. Additionally, they must be in a fleet with the two pilots creating the bridge, and within 2000 meters of the battleship with the portal generator. Meanwhile, the ship with the covert cynosural field generator (let us call it the scout) must also be a ship capable of using covert ops cloaks, making this entire project only suitable for a subset of ships.

When the scout ship has found a likely target, it opens the covert cyno, the black ops pilot right clicks on the scout's name in fleet chat to select the bridge option and, finally, the fleet members right click on the black ops battleship and jump through. The ship that opens the cyno is frozen in space for a goodly while, unable to move or eject, until the field is closed. It is extremely vulnerable during this period.

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Each ship that jumps through will consume isotopes from fuel bay of the assisting black ops ship, with biggest ships consuming more fuel. If desired, the black ops battleship may itself jump to the covert cyno, as well (reducing its capacitor to 30% in the process). Following any combat that occurs, the fleet must fly through space or use a black ops battleship to return whence they came.

EVE Ships: Black Ops Battleships

Only black ops battleships can fit the portal generator, and they are almost unique in this role. The sole comparison lies with titans, which can bridge entire fleets of sub-capital ships without regard to whether they are stealth-capable or not. Still, those of us unable to afford such pricy ships find ourselves well comforted by black ops kill mails. While any of the four black ops battleships currently extant in EVE Online are able to fit a jump portal generator, there are many differences amongst them.

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