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Moving Your Corporation To Null-Sec Space (EVE Online Guide)

Updated Sat, Dec 31, 2011 by Space Junkie

Many EVE Online corporations want to test their mettle outside of high-security space. Doing so will require some adjustment on the part of the players, and perhaps a cultural shift from your membership. This EVE guide will help you explore your options, whether you are thinking about renting space or taking it.

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The Impetus To Move

Let me editorialize a little bit: leading a high-sec corporation isn't as exciting as
as leading one somewhere else. You still have all the social aspects that I consider to be the most important part of being in a corporation, but you lack the competitive "sink or swim" gameplay of living in null-sec. Also, leading high-sec players is like herding cats: everybody is doing their own thing.

For many corporations it can be a challenge to even get members into the same solar system, at once. Certainly, there are better corporations out there, that teach their members to play EVE better, help them earn more ISK, or do interesting things with PvP and/or roleplaying. But for corporations and CEOs looking to put it all on the line, roll the dice, and see what happens, it's all about moving to null-security space.

Why, Where, And When?

The first thing you need to decide is why you want to move. Is your corporation really going to enjoy the new challenges of null-sec and the trouble that comes with it? Are you? Will your corporation earn enough ISK to stay solvent?

The second thing you need to decide is where to move. This is pretty important, since it will essentially determine your odds of success. Are you moving to a rental area owned by a large, stable alliance? You'll probably be out there a while. Are you moving into an area of NPC null-sec adjoining a failing, beleaguered alliance? You may or may not manage to grab a piece of the pie. Are you trying to take a piece of territory that is relatively accessible from high-sec? You may succeed, only to be replaced after not too long. It's all in the details.

The third and possibly most important thing to consider is when you are going to move. Many, many corporations have made vague plans to eventually move out to null-sec, but only a tiny fraction of these ever see their plans to fruition. Try to imagine realistic goalposts along the path to null-sec. Present these to your members, and explain how they can help you achieve them, and speed the corporation's migration.

Big Choices For Corporations In EVE Online

The main choice that a corporation moving to null-sec needs to make is: do you rent space, or do you take it? There is much to be said for either option.

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