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Ten Holiday Gifts To Give Your Friends In EVE Online (EVE Online Guide)

Posted Tue, Dec 13, 2011 by Space Junkie

One of EVE Online's shining features is the persistent, meaningful nature of its economy and metagame. In many other games, players will go up levels and leave most of their old gear behind. Not so, in EVE Online. This season, show your love to your EVE Online friends by giving them thoughtful, meaningful gifts. Need ideas? Read on, player.

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Bargain Gifts

Like your Mom always said, "It's the thought that counts" when it comes to gifts. Many players will be touched that you thought of them at all, never mind how much your gift is worth. Here are some ideas for affordable presents that will still go over well with your space friends.

10. A Blueprint For A New Battlecruiser

In the initial rush after the Crucible expansion went live, many players hustled to make copies of the new battlecruisers (Talos, Tornado, Oracle, and Naga) that had little or no material research done on them. As these things go, the earliest blueprints are already being rendered un-sellable by updated versions with more research. Older blueprints are now showing up pretty cheap on the contract market. Buyers like me have scooped up most of the really underpriced ones (sorry, reader), but expect there to be more soon, as peoples' contracts expire and they try to make at least some ISK from their copies. If the spirit moves you, pick one up to give to a friend this holiday season.

9. Learning Implants

So-called 'learning implants' are one of the most important tools for improving your character, by improving your attributes and, thus, the speed at which you acquire related skills. They allow you to effectively leverage your financial success into skill point progress. In fact, they are currently the only way to improve your character's skills with wealth, aside from buying a new character. At this moment, a set of "+3" basic implants can be had for 44 million ISK from Jita sell orders, or perhaps 30 million ISK with buy orders. Couldn't everyone on your list use a little character development this year?

8. A Stealth Bomber, Ala Carte

EVE Online

Everybody loves flying stealth bombers. They can get anywhere, kill helpless or nearly helpless targets, and allow you to cloak any time you need to run to the bathroom. A well-fitted stealth bomber probably costs less than 30 million ISK and will give a lot of bang for its buck. Stock it with extra faction ammo and ship it off to your best EVE buddy. Even if he jumps into a gate camp and forgets to cloak, it'll still make for a good chuckle.

7. A Faction Damage Module

Most players in EVE Online spend their time running missions or grinding cosmic anomalies. To that end, a faction weapon upgrade module will help your space friends improve their ability to earn ISK. Faction modules are a gift that keeps on giving, and my suggested ones include:

  • Caldari Navy Ballistic Control Systems (missiles)
  • Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer (hybrids)
  • Imperial Navy Heat Sink (lasers)
  • Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer (projectiles)

Remember, giving gifts isn't about you. Get to know your friends and figure out which types they'd most like to receive before buying.

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