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Ten Ways To Prepare For War In EVE Online, Part One (EVE Online Guide)

Posted Tue, Jan 31, 2012 by Space Junkie

Batten down the hatches with these tips to preparing yourself and your corporation for large-scale PvP conflict. Included are tips for getting ahead of your enemies' market PvP tricks, keeping your corporation stocked with war supplies, and protecting your personal ISK making capabilities.

eve online guide EVE PvP

This is the first in a two-part series on gearing up for large-scale EVE PvP, especially in null-sec space. These tips will help you protect your ships and ISK flow, while helping to keep your corporation going when things get tough.

EVE Ship Preparation

10. Relocate Your ISK Earning Ships

Even in the most lawless stretches of null-sec space, it can be difficult to meaningfully harm players. Between cloaks, starbase force-fields, stations, and intel channels, it is far easier to deny one's enemies the opportunity to earn ISK than it is to catch and kill them. This is as true with regards to a single player as it is with regards to an entire corporation or alliance. You might catch a ratting vessel or planet-tending industrial here or there, but the real overall effect is usually quite minimal. The threat of violence is much more effective than actual violence, especially in the case of having cloaked ships in popular ISK-making solar systems. Blowing up an ISK making ship would probably cost your enemies a couple hundred million ISK, tops. Keeping a dozen people from undocking and ratting or mining will cost them billions.

Because of this, it is imperative that you move your ships specialized in earning ISK to out of the way locations so that, once your war or conflict begins in earnest, you can keep yourself will supplied with EVE ISK and not need to worry about your ratting or mission ship getting trapped.

What qualifies as out of the way will vary based on your personal situation. It may be sneaking your ratting ship into a solar system that is off the beaten track or through a wormhole. It might mean switching it to your out-of-corp mission-running alt. It might be removing your ship from your corporate POS and logging it off with an alt. Whatever the form, the idea is that you be able to continue earning ISK and not need to worry about your income being completely shut off, even if things get really bad.


9. Buy And Pre-Fit Ships

One of the most prominent features of the current mode of null-sec war is that player-controlled stations can have their services disabled. These disabled features can be repaired, but doing so requires time and logistics-oriented ships, and may not be possible in a hostile environment. Disabling station services is quite common in long, drawn out wars; in an attempt to break the stalemate and reduce their enemies' ability to respond militarily, alliances will disable their enemies' cloning facilities and, importantly, ship fitting services. If a station has had its fitting services disabled, players will not be able to equip or change the modules on ships except via repackaging, which is rather unhelpful if one is trying to outfit a PvP fleet.

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