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Getting Ready For Hulkageddon In EVE Online

Posted Thu, Jul 08, 2010 by Space Junkie

The third player-run Hulkageddon event is great fun for players that stand to profit off of it, or want to take a shot at winning any of the prizes. But for miners in high-sec space it is a time of nerve-wracking terror. Wars are declared on mining corporations, suicide ganks become de rigueur, and mining-related equipment doubles in price. This guide explores some of the consequences of this event, and outlines ways to earn ISK, get kills, or avoid being killed during this tumultuous time.

This is an excellent example for explaining how players can turn larger events within the EVE Online universe to their advantage. To the savvy player, any major event in EVE Online is an opportunity for profit. This guide contains an outline of the situation and several ideas for profiting on (or coping) with Hulkageddon.

What Is Hulkageddon?

EVE Online

The hulk is the most popular mining vessel in EVE Online. Which is why it must die.

Hulkageddon is a popular, player-run contest to see who can kill the most hulks (and other mining-related ships) during a set period of time. This time around, it runs from July 9th until July 18th. Players donate prizes for the pilots and corporations that score the most kills, or that perform some impressive anti-mining feat (such as suicide ganking an Orca).

The prizes can be very lucrative, though the competition is correspondingly fierce. The hulks killed need not be located in high-security space, though that is certainly where most hulks are to be found. Finding hulks in wormhole space is like looking for so many needles in a haystack, while hulks in null-sec are likely to be few and ready to hide in a POS given a moment's notice.

This is probably the most popular player-run event in EVE Online. Since null-sec space politics tend to get a little stale during the summer, and are even more stale than usual because of various factors that favor detente between the power blocs in null-sec, hulkageddon is the most interesting thing going on on EVE Online, right now.

Market Consequences

The most obvious effect of most EVE Online players anticipating that over a thousand hulks will get blown up, is that hulk prices have shot up in price from around 130mil ISK to about 150mil ISK. The volume of hulks traded in Jita (EVE Online's main market hub) has maintained about the same amount traded, despite a large price increase, which means that either demand for hulks is inflexible, or players are buying them as speculation and keeping the amount traded at its usual level. Note that the price crash about a month ago was caused by the Tyrannis patch, in which people were selling a lot of goods for sub-par prices because of fears about a price crash.

The process of making hulks is complex, requires several days per hull, and a goodly amount of skills to be trained beforehand, meaning that for many people it is easier to buy them than to make them. If players already have the right skills trained and characters in place, they can probably throw together a batch of hulks by the middle of Hulkageddon, in time to turn a profit. If you don't have skills like 'Gallentean Starship Engineering' trained to III or IV, already, then you've probably missed out on the manufacturing angle of this particular Hulkageddon.

If you haven't bought your hulks by now, you probably should not try speculating on them, unless you buy them from an out of the way region whose prices have not yet risen to match Jita and the other market hubs. Investing now is likely a poor idea because hulks are being sold for far more than their ingredients are worth, and will very probably go back down in value after all this is over.

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