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Flying The Maller In EVE Online

Posted Wed, Jun 29, 2011 by Space Junkie

The Amarr race is famous for making the toughest ships around. One of their toughest tech one ships is the Maller, a recently re-skinned cruiser with some of the hardest armor around.

Why Fly The Maller

The Maller is an often overlooked ship for both missions and PvP. When running missions it can easily handle most level two combat missions with the combination of armor repairing and armor resistances. In PvP, the Maller has several niche roles that include acting as bait or holding a very heavy tackle on a slower-moving ship.

The Maller's bonuses are to armor resistance and laser capacitor need, respectively. The armor resistance helps survive missions and getting ganked, and the lasers help with missions (less so, PvP, where the Maller shines for being tough, not deadly).

As part of the recent Incarna expansion, the Maller received a total art make-over that has made it one of the sexiest ships in EVE Online. Fly in style or not at all, I say!

In Combat Missions

The Maller has what it takes to soak up the punishment dished out by NPCs in level one and level two combat missions.

EVE Online

The Maller is one tough nut to crack!

High Slots:

  • x5 Focused Medium Pulse Laser (Standard M)
  • x1 Salvager I or x1 Small Tractor Beam I

Medium Slots:

  • x1 10mn Afterburner I
  • x1 Stasis Webifier I
  • x1 Cap Recharger I

Low Slots:

  • x1 Medium Armor Repairer I
  • x2 Capacitor Power Relay I
  • x3 Armor Explosive Hardeners (see below)

Lasers are the Amarr thing, and the Maller does them well enough. A salvager is a good idea, or perhaps a tractor beam to make missions more profitable or faster, respectively.

The afterburner is slower than an microwarpdrive would be, but does not diminish your much-needed capacitor. The web is handy for catching small NPCs dead in your sights. Finally, the cap recharger gives you extra juice for your armor repairing and lasers.

The armor repairer will keep your armor solid, while the capacitor power relays will help you avoid running out of capacitor in the pursuit of said armor. The three hardeners should be customized to suit the mission: two EM and one thermal for Blood Raiders, two explosive and one kinetic for Angel Cartel, etc..

Strategy: Warp into your mission and orbit the biggest enemy, while shooting the smallest enemies until they are all dead. Repeat.

Options: Though it has a bonus to using lasers, that bonus can safely be ignored in favor of using projectiles. Though normally used on Minmatar ships, projectiles were recently buffed and now are an appetizing option for any ship that can use them. This is particularly good news for the Maller because the EM and thermal damage inflicted by its lasers cannot always break the tank of all NPCs. For these NPCs, switch to projectiles and choose an ammunition type that does a more suitable flavor of damage.

As always, upgrading your modules to tech two or a better-named version is a good idea, and not necessarily as expensive or skill-intensive as you might think. A 'medium capacitor control circuit' might not be a bad idea for additional capacitor, too.

Fair Warning: Your damage output is a bit anemic compared to the Omen or an Arbitrator flown by a skilled pilot. On some missions this may cause time to drag a bit as you chew through your target's hit points.

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