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EVE Ships: The Oracle Battlecruiser (EVE Online Guide)

Posted Fri, Feb 10, 2012 by Space Junkie

The Oracle is one of the four new battlecruisers introduced in the Crucible expansion for EVE Online. It is made by the Amarr race, and specializes in using lasers to do unusually large amounts of damage for an EVE ship of its size. Read more about flying the Oracle in this guide.

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Why Fly The Oracle

As one of the four Crucible battlecruisers, the Oracle has a lot going for it: it is as easy to train for as any battlecruiser, can fit battleship-sized weaponry, and can be customized for many different configurations. Overall, it is a very neat package that can beat EVE missions, participate in EVE PvP, or even suicide gank.

This EVE guide, however, focuses on using the Oracle as a newbie-friendly way to do a lot of damage, over time, without running out of capacitor. This is a very useful way to utilize the Oracle, because many corporations need players that can damage big structures over the course of several hours. Doing so is needed for destroying starbases, player-controlled customs offices, and sovereignty infrastructure. It is also relatively cost effective, since tech I laser ammunition is not expended with use.

The Economics Of Flying The Oracle

The fitting below is probably going to get me a lot of hate mail. It is designed for players with very, very low skills to deal damage with battleship weaponry, without putting very much EVE ISK on the line. The idea here is to do as much damage with an Amarr ship as possible, while spending the least amount of ISK. Fleets of such newbies can make a big difference without making a huge dent in a corporate wallet.

EVE Online

Newbies equipped with this fitting will do 241 damage per second, before skills are even factored in.With one exception, none of the modules below require training a skill to level 5 (the large-sized lasers require Gunnery 5). The result is that a well-organized corporation can field a fleet of disposable battlecruisers that can take out a low-sec customs office in a matter of hours, without needing to spend months training for tech II guns, and also without the bankroll of a much larger organization.

EVE Ship High Slots - Lasers Lasers Lasers!

  • x8 Mega Pulse Laser I (Multifrequency L ammo)

The point of Oracle is to cram as many oversized lasers as possible onto one ship. It accomplishes this, handily. Mega pulse lasers are the largest variety of pulse lasers, meaning that they are of limited range but inflict more damage with less fitting problems. In this case, they are tech I to meet the goal of having a newbie-friendly weapons platform, and use Multifrequency L crystals as ammunition in order to do the most damage possible.

Though this EVE ship fitting is not intended for pitched battles, it may behoove their owner to bring along some Microwave L ammo, just in case you end up needing to shoot at something farther than 20km away.

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