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CCP CEO Apologizes to EVE Players, New Expansion Announced

Posted Wed, Oct 05, 2011 by Martuk

In a formal apology letter to the EVE Online community today, CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson (CCP Hillmar) spoke candidly about mistakes that were made and how he shoulders most of the responsibility for the recent animosity between CCP and EVE Online players.

The estrangement from CCP that many of you have been feeling of late is my fault, and for that I am truly sorry. There are many contributing factors, but in the end it is I who must shoulder the responsibility for much of what has happened. In short, my zeal for pushing EVE to her true potential made me lose sight of doing the simple things right. I was impatient when I should have been cautious, defiant when I should have been conciliatory and arrogant when I should have been humble.

CCP Hillmar further apologized for the problems with Incarna, Captain’s Quarters the massive controversy and miscommunication that led to a backlash from players over the game’s new microtransactions.

As the first step in addressing player concerns, CCP has announced a new winter expansion aimed at improving warfare and PvP. According to the second dev blog released today, this will include improvements and additions to factional warfare, hybrid weapon balancing, new T2 modules, starbase logistics management, new EWAR-Drones, assault ships and T2 rigs manufacturing. This is in addition to the new Captain’s Quarters, return of ship spinning and the Time Dilation lag mechanic.

Do you think the apology and planned changes are enough? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

CCP Hillmar Apology
EVE Winter Expansion Blog

close enought

Though the apology and acknowledgement of the problems is greatly appreciated, it's still just talk. We still haven't seen anything done. No action so far. It's just been talk.

CCP keeps saying it's a communication failure which is causing all this, but I believe they've communicated their intentions well enough. To continue with "business as usual" and occasionally put out an apology to quell the anger when the playerbase gets upset.

I've canceled my two accounts out of protest and will not resub until CCP actually does something instead of saying they're going to do something. Talk is cheap and actions speak a hell of a lot louder than words.

Time will tell I suppose.

Thanks typing out what I was going to. I've cancelled my 3 accounts, one has a 85m sp character sitting on it

Well I have three accounts(That I am seriously considering closing) and am still leary of the continual broken promises made by ccp over the past few years. Like the above post said I am greatfull for the apology but as of right now unless major chages happen to EVE im Audi 5000! and wont bother to look back.

CCP messed up. Nothing new there, theyve been doing it for years. But this time they made such a mess people actually started to unsub and its got them in a hell of a panic. This is damage controll, nothing more.

They still dont know what they did wrong to cause this mess. Nothing in the blog covers the reason I, or any of my friends, cancelled our subs. They cant fix a problem they dont see. If they cant see it, they dont consider it a problem and will do it again and again and again. Nothing has changed and nothing will change.

EVE goes on with the new players this new CCP is bringing in, its a very different community for a different game. Good luck to them, but its not EVE anymore. We had a great run for 8 years (7 and a half i was there for), but its done. Stick a fork in it. Let it go.

Hey guys, in all seriousness can i have your stuff? if your not coming back you dont need it :P

i have not cancelled my accounts and will keep playing unless they break something majorly, i want to see what these new balances and changes bring and to see if they feel rushed before i hand over my stuff :D

Fraid not. But I thoroughly enjoyed self destructing 40b of assets and donating another 5b to corpies, friends and player run organisations before I left.

I didnt biomass, since EVE could still come back (though i doubt CCP will.... fingers crossed for a coup?), but i burned my assets so I wont be so tempted. Besides, isk grows on trees. 2b per hour ratting is a good average these days, go earn.

2b an hour ratting? Liar.

As for if you can have my stuff, no. I want to come back to EvE. I'm just waiting for CCP to make good on their word.

2b an hour ratting? Liar.

Get yourself a pair of domis and go to a C6. Seriously. A single rattlesnake will likely make even more sice your not splitting it. You need to cycle holes, avoid the nasty beasties that live out there and know what your doing, but yes the isk is available. Closely guarded secret while I was playing, but since ive quit.... knock yourselves out, I couldnt care less anymore. Just one more way the game is broken atm.

Great news that CCP CEO Apologizes to EVE Players.In a formal apology letter to the EVE Online community today, CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson (CCP Hillmar) spoke candidly about mistakes that were made and how he shoulders most of the responsibility for the recent animosity between CCP and EVE Online players.

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