EVE Dev Blog: Carebearing 2.0

CCP makes some additional tweaks to the EVE Online PvE game and a new dev blog tells all about them.

CCP has been making additional tweaks to Deadspace sites in EVE Online to help fill in the gaps. With CCP BettikÂ’s project to fill in the Deadspace content nearing completion, the team is looking to make some improvements to Incursions by mixing up and randomizing the spawn variety and triggers.

Incursions have been a hot topic on the forums, so Team Five 0 decided to see what we could do to shake things up a bit.  After collecting a lot of valuable feedback from you guys, we decided to give the spawns more variety, without significantly altering the difficulty of any one spawn.  This was done by grouping the NPCs into waves, and moving the trigger to spawn the next wave from an individual NPC to the group as a whole. This will mean that you now need to kill the whole wave to trigger the next one, rather than just specific NPCs.

Other changes will include the addition of Rogue Drone bounties and adjustments to the security status of drone region systems. Read the full blog for all the planned changes.

The new changes are expected to hit EVE OnlineÂ’s Singularity server in the near future.

Source: EVE Dev Blog – Carebearing 2.0

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