EVE Online Dev Blog Announces Inferno Expansion and Future Plans

By Stacy Jones -

CCP Uniflex has posted a new EVE Online dev blog reflecting on the numerous improvements to the EVE experience since the Crucible expansion launch and outlines the road ahead. The next major expansion to EVE Online has been announced with Inferno, and while details are still scarce, CCP Uniflex does explain a few improvements planned before the expansion arrives just before summer. The team has a list of new features and improvements that will be added in smaller updates that includes work to reinvigorate the Concord-sanctioned warfare, combat improvements, fixes and the more details about how the collaboration link between DUST 514 and EVE Online will function.

You can learn more about EVE Online: Inferno at this yearÂ’s EVE Fanfest if youÂ’re attending. If not, stay tuned and weÂ’ll update you as more news becomes available.

Source: EVE Dev Blog

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