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EVE’s Battle of B-R5RB Claims Over 75 Titans and ISK Losses in the Trillions

Posted Wed, Jan 29, 2014 by Martuk

Yesterday a missed bill payment resulted in sov dropping and what has now become one of the largest and most expensive battles in EVE’s 10-year history. Thus far damages incurred during the battle are estimated to be valued between $200k-300k, possibly way higher. Yesterday’s battle claimed a huge number of ships, including at least 75 titans, a ship rather expensive ship.

The Battle of B-R5RB comes nearly one year to the day of the epic Battle of Asakai, which funny enough also began because of a mistake. The latest battle drew in more than 2,200 players, a conflict that was so massive in scope that it’s even received some coverage from major news media organizations such as CBS, ABC, and Fox.

The long and costly battle came to a close in the early hours of the morning as CFC and Russian forces managed to repel the N3 Coalition’s attempts to retake the area. While the battle started off with a pretty even balance of losses for both sides, the later part of the fight worked against N3, forcing them to withdraw from the area. CFC and its allies didn’t relent at that point, pursuing the enemy and making it less of a fight and more of a relentless massacre, even taking out the Pandemic cameraman and resulting in this comical tweet.

The Pandemic Legion Twitter feed also released a tweet with a few more stats, explaining that over 25% of its titans and roughly 1.2% of its super carriers had been destroyed. The tweet was preceded by a vow that all losses will be replaced.

Some EVE players are even calling on CCP to make a permanent ship graveyard to commemorate the massive battle.

On a lighter note, CCP had a little fun with the massive conflict today by offering a sale on PLEX with the simple slogan – "Don’t forget to pay your bills!" CCP will be releasing blogs and their analysis of the data from the recent conflict in the coming days so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can watch the massive battle on Twitch if you missed it.

Love it or hate it, no other game does massive battles quite like EVE.

Any excuse for a fight, eh?


CCP reveals its plans for an epic celebration of the EVE universe at EVE Fanfest in May.

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