EVE Online Service Resumes, No User Details Breached

CCP brought down EVE Online servers last night following a DDoS attack, but it looks like things are in the clear.

Following yesterday’s DDoS attack, CCP took down the EVE Online servers and website to ensure that security wasn’t compromised. Following the resumption of service last night, CCP reported that no breach was detected on their infrastructure and no personal details were compromised. That’s some good news given that several other companies have been hacked recently and had user details compromised. Among the list of the hacked: Sony, Nintendo, Epic Games, Codemasters and Bethesda.

After service resumed, CCP detected more suspicious traffic flooding and took the servers down once more. Servers are currently back online and being closely monitored. LulzSec, the hacker group claiming responsibility for bringing down several games and websites yesterday, is claiming responsibility for the attack on EVE Online.

Source: EVE Online website

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