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Sins of a Solar Spymaster #85: From Inferno to Retribution

Updated Thu, Jan 03, 2013 by The Mittani

It is now apparent that CCP has done something very right with the strange alchemy that makes up an Eve expansion; where Inferno was underwhelming and didn’t seem to increase player interest in the game, Retribution has been a smashing success, rocketing the peak concurrent user (PCU) level regularly past the 40k mark. The re-release of Eve in China, along with the success of Retribution, inspired a rare moment of braggadocio from the oft-besieged developer; CCP announced that they had broken the 450k subscription mark. This is significant; during the worst arc of the Tyrannis -> Incarna period, it seemed that Eve Online was plateauing in the face of mediocre-to-awful expansions and at risk of terminal decline. Yet on its face, Retribution appears to be among the most modest of expansions in terms of features and gameplay changes. Why did Retribution succeed, and what can we learn from it?


What was Retribution, exactly? A grab-bag of tweaks. The flagship feature was the revised Bounty Hunting system; five new hulls were added, sounds were improved, the UI received more polish, a whole pile of ships had their stats rebalanced, some ship models were updated, and the Crimewatch mess was streamlined with the introduction of the Safety system. By contrast, Inferno totally revamped Faction Warfare, the inventory system and wardec mechanics. Inferno, put politely, failed; each of these major features was broken in some critical way at release and took months of patching to sort out.

Retribution resembles nothing so much as Crucible, the post-Incarna expansion which saved CCP from itself. With the exception of Time Dilation (a herculean coding effort by CCP Veritas and CCP Masterplan), Crucible was also a grab-bag of important yet small tweaks and improvements rather than massive feature revamps. Inferno was worrisome because it seemed like a return to the Incarna, Tyrannis and Dominion style of expansion: big features which promise the moon and deliver bugs. With Inferno, we worried that CCP had written off the lessons of Crucible’s success and were back to their old ‘War on the Impossible’ ways. Given the sheer number of people playing Retribution, however, we can hope that CCP takes the value of polishing existing features and iteration to heart: the subscriptions and PCUs speak for themselves.

Three specific aspects of Retribution deserve particular focus, however: the bounty system, ship rebalancing, and UI/sound polish.

Bounty Hunting: The scope of the social impact of the new Bounty system is easy to underestimate; in fact, when it was first announced, I myself wrote it off as a mere gimmick. I could not have been more wrong: the Bounty system is the biggest change to the social dynamics of Eve in years.


The Retribution system has brought about a social revolution in hisec: it has given players an easy mechanic to effectively mess with each other in ‘safe’ space using isk, rather than blasters. Previous bounties could be ignored because they could be cleared by podding yourself with an alt. In Retribution, the victim of a bounty has no easy way to escape the price on his head, and the new system incentivizes hunters to suicide gank or wardec in order to collect.

Until Retribution, one could effectively play Eve as a single player game and never be at any risk of being attacked as long as one took sensible precautions, safe under the watchful gaze of Concord. With the new Bounty system, this veil of isolation has been torn away. If you annoy someone in local, if you compete with them economically, or even if you merely make bad posts on the forums, other players can finally reach out and express their approbation - even if a player lives only in safe space and never joins a wardeccable corporation. Regardless of Concord, it is now impossible to isolate yourself from other players in this MMO.

One could argue that the core appeal of Eve is that it is a sandbox game based around messing with people, and those people messing back. Most of the game’s narratives and press involves players interacting with (molesting, attacking, ganking, thieving, scamming, ransoming, rubbishing) one another, yet in the heart of this game about social interaction was a demographic that eschewed all interaction and was virtually untouchable. With Bounties, you are a part of the mess that is New Eden the moment you log in; there is no more ‘safe space’. It’s a tiny change of game mechanics, yet a massive social and psychological upheaval.

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I agree with you. I love this game and I hope that they'll keep improving it because this is the only way they can keep their players and bring new ones.
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