Exclusive: Builds & Behaviors - A Video Look at how LEGO Universe Brings Blocks to Life

Posted Fri, Jun 18, 2010 by Ethec

Once or twice an E3, there's a demo so incredible that we're forced to blow our bandwidth budget and deliver a presentation in near entirety. We knew LEGO Universe delivered the kind of uncomplicated, playful, and right-brainy fun that the MMOG category needs and deserves, we knew that players will be able to purchase real-life building kits for their in-game creations, but what we didn't know was that players will be able to animate and program their creations to an incredible level of interaction via an easy to use interface. Watch as Creative Director Ryan Seabury first shows off the basics of the game, then pulls the wraps off builds and behaviors at E3 2010!

Ten Ton Hammer Video: Click to play.

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