PlanetSide 2’s Matt Higby on Expanding eSports Presence at SOE Live 2013

Creative Director Matt Higby discusses PlanetSide 2’s expansion into the world of eSports and how the new content helps support competitive play.

Ten Ton Hammer caught up to PlanetSide 2 Creative Director Matt Higby at SOE Live 2013 to learn more about the MMOFPSÂ’s expansion into eSports. While SOE isnÂ’t rushing into the world of eSports, Higby explains the methodical approach to adding new features and content to support professional competitive play. The new Nexus Battle Island content will help set the stage for future eSports competitive play, and you can learn more about that in our previous SOE Live interview with PlanetSide 2's Matt Higby and Tramell Isaac.

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