EverQuest Next Art and Unlockable Wallpaper Revealed

Posted Tue, Jul 09, 2013 by Shayalyn

After a long silence, filled only with mysterious Twitter posts from CEO John Smedley and assorted other notable devs, SOE's EverQuest Next page has stirred like a once slumbering volcano. Today, downloadable EQ Next art wallpaper appeared on the site's landing page, tempting users to unlock access to it by following EverQuest Next's social media channels.

The page offers this description:

In honor of EverQuest Next's worldwide debut, fantasy artist Gabor Sziksai has reinterpreted Keith Parkinson's original EverQuest masterpiece. On July 30th, the full piece will be available for download. You can speed up the process, and download exclusive EverQuest Next wallpapers, by joining our social networks.

If you already follow EQN on one of their social media channels, you may have to opt out and then re-follow in order to get your wallpaper. Which one is your favorite? I'm snagging Naggy first!

Check out the updates and access your wallpaper at the EverQuest Next official site.

All revealed now... a lot of upset people on the net claiming that it's too WoW-ish. Personally, half of it seems to be a faithful remake of the original wallpaper (looking at the barbarian rogue) while the other half seems very cartoony and over stylized (huge shoulderpads and wrist guards, thin as human with a huge hammer, Firiona just looks strange).

Still, early days.

Yep. Folks fail to consider that this is more like box art than concept art. It is still early, and a lot more will be revealed on August 2nd at SOE Live.

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