Look! Up in the sky! It’s MMOSUPERHERO.COM!

We’re pleased to announce the launch of MMOSUPERHERO.COM, a brand new fan site devoted to superhero MMOGs with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Join us as we cover Champions Online, City of Heroes, and DC Universe Online.


Like Superman flying up, up, and away, the website that I’ve been working on, MMOSUPERHERO.COM, is finally up and running! Part of the Ten Ton Network of growing internets domination, MMOSUPERHERO.COM is devoted to following the mmos of superhero awesomeness. We (by which I mean me) will be covering Champions Online, City of Heroes, and DCUO, all with a good sense of humor and comic book fanboy appreciation.

Besides updates and articles, you can be amazed by my low-level photoshop abilities showcased in the site’s own comic strip, Five Fists of Justice. So far I have three strips up. For your fashion dos and don’ts, there is also Queer Eye for the Superhero Guy.

So if you’re into superhero mmos or want to get the occasional laugh, head on over and give us a gander. Join us and help MMOSUPERHERO.COM conquer the world! BWAHAHAHA! Wait…aren’t we the good guys? Join us and help us defeat online evil!

I also want to thank Sardu for all his help and knowledge helping me to set up the site. I think the Wordpress manuals were written by Satan.



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