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Like Superman flying up, up, and away, the website that I’ve
been working on, href="">MMOSUPERHERO.COM,
is finally up and running! Part of the Ten Ton Network of growing
internets domination, MMOSUPERHERO.COM is devoted to following the mmos
of superhero awesomeness. We (by which I mean me) will be covering style="font-style: italic;">Champions Online,
of Heroes
, and style="font-style: italic;">DCUO,
all with a good sense of humor and comic book fanboy appreciation.

Besides updates and articles, you can be amazed by my low-level
photoshop abilities showcased in the site’s own comic strip, href="">Five
Fists of Justice. So far I have
three strips up. For your fashion dos and don’ts, there is
also href="">Queer
Eye for the Superhero Guy.

So if you’re into superhero mmos or want to get the
occasional laugh, head on over and give us a gander. Join us and help href="">MMOSUPERHERO.COM
conquer the world! BWAHAHAHA! Wait…aren’t we the
good guys? Join us and help us defeat online evil!

I also want to thank Sardu for all his help and knowledge helping me to
set up the site. I think the Wordpress manuals were written by Satan.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016