Most Anticipated Game of 2012 Winner Announced

Updated Tue, Jan 03, 2012 by Shayalyn

At the end of November, Ten Ton Hammer asked its readers to vote for their favorite games in each of two categories--Most Anticipated MMOG of 2012 and Most Anticipated RPG of 2012. About 78,000 votes poured in to help us determine the winners and finalists in each category. (If you haven't already, check out our Readers' Choice Awards announcement.)

After the polls closed, we decided to pit the winners against one another. We were curious as to what would happen when we put a long-awaited sequel like Guild Wars 2 up against the rock-solid franchise represented in Diablo III. We wondered whether our Most Anticipated MMOG of 2012 winner, Firefall, whose community rallied to give it the number one position by casting repeated votes, could hold its own when we limited voting to once per day.

Interestingly enough, although we know our readers also play single-player and console RPGs, our polling proved once again that our readers' loyalty to the massively multi-player online game is strong--our top three finishers were all in the MMOG category.

Before we tell you our winner, let's take a look at the finalists, in order of votes received:

Most Anticipated Games of 2012 Finalist

Most Anticipated Game of 2012 Finalists

First Runner Up - Firefall

Red 5 Studios' upcoming free-to-play team-based action MMO shooter, Firefall, was able to edge out Guild Wars 2 for Most Anticipated MMOG of 2012 in our preliminary voting. Although the vote was close, and the fan loyalty was fierce, in the finals round Firefall landed a few thousand votes behind the victor. Even so, this game has proven that it's community stands strong and offers its unyielding allegiance. If you haven't looked into Firefall yet, it's high time you did.

Second Runner Up - PlanetSide 2

MMO shooters proved popular with Ten Ton Hammer readers, and Sony Online Entertainment's sequel, PlanetSide 2, was a strong runner in our first round voting, managing to hold a first place position several times before becoming our second runner up. We have to wonder, though, whether it would have shown even stronger if beta sign-ups had been announced a little earlier in our voting process.

Third Runner Up - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the open-world fantasy RPG from 38 Studios, shares the same setting as its currently off-the-radar MMO counterpart in development, codenamed Project Copernicus. Unlike Project Copernicus, Kingdoms of Amalur has a launch date-- we'll see it in early February, 2012. This game can also name drop like a social climber at an Elton John after-party. Its executive design director is Ken Rolston, perhaps not a household name, but nonetheless the design force behind beloved RPG titles such as The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Kingdoms of Amalur is also based on the concepts of renowned fantasy author R. A. Salvatore and the creator of the Spawn comic series, Todd McFarlane. We hear a lot about the 38 Studios design and writing pedigree, and our poll demonstrates that our readers believe this pedigree could be primed to produce a best-in-show winner.

Fourth Runner Up - Diablo III

Diablo III, the hotly anticipated continuation of Blizzard's beloved action RPG juggernaut, landed squarely in our number four position, a result some might find surprising given the weight of its franchise. There's no doubt that gamers everywhere can't wait to get their hands on Diablo III, and those gamers flocked to Ten Ton Hammer in droves for the chance to win one of a small quantity of beta keys this fall. Is Diablo III's position the result of over-confidence on the part of voters who assumed its supremacy was assured? We'll never know for sure.

Fifth Runner Up - Mass Effect 3

That BioWare's third installment in its popular Mass Effect series landed in the fifth runner up position in our poll just as players were queuing up for early access to that other little BioWare game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, doesn't surprise us much--BioWare fans were too preoccupied to vote. But we're certain our readers will be just as eager to take a break from their lightsabers and blasters in order to put Commander Shephard through his paces when Mass Effect 3 launches in March, 2011.

The results of our Most Anticipated Game of 2012 Finals poll did more than help us crown a winner. they proved to us that we already know what our readers like. In fact, our winner already has a community home on Ten Ton Hammer. So, drum roll please...

Most Anticipated Games of 2012 Winner

Most Anticipated Game of 2012 - Guild Wars 2

When it comes to "fanticipation," our winner took the prize handily. It doesn't seem to matter that ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2 is currently in a bit of a news lull, and that no release date has been set, fans are clamoring for a return to Tyria and the promise of an interactive, dynamic world where each character can have his or her own personal story. (And have we mentioned the elder dragons? Yes, here there be dragons. Cool ones.) If you haven't made a point of following Guild Wars 2 yet, our GW2 community site provides some great starting places. If you have, keep an eye on Ten Ton Hammer for news and more from the Most Anticipated Game of 2012!

Congrats to GW2! All great games that I will make sure to play.

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I had no doubt^^ gratz Guild Wars 2, we love you! <3

Gratz GW2,you totally deserve it!

2012 the world ends. The cause? Earth will be consumed by the awesomeness that is Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 blows!
GW1 Was great during the alpha/beta, but as soon as they released it, they started 'changing way to much, it became a different game altogether... so I just can't trust Arenanet with GW2.. just can not get even a tad excited about it, hope it dies in a hole after what they did to GW1.. so sad..

you fail at being a gamer. In game land the first game is mostly all test grounds then the next one tends to be made without all the mistakes in the first 1. plus gw1 is a totally different game than gw2 if you kept up at all with gw2 you would know this. but you are more than welcome to go grind in your game wait 30mins for a healer and get pked for fishing. roll for gear only to have to repeat the dungeon over and over, and enjoy killing enemies that stand in a feild all day n night, mash your buttons and swing your sword. GW2 is all the best parts of an MMORPG in one with skill involved a personal storyline and completley unique characters. oh and its f2p after u buy the box. review the videos youtube , arenanet blog, gw2 site. if you dont like "Builds" well then you have no skill in a MMORPG with weaponry. Finally the horrid holy trinity is destroyed.

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it blows because you dont agree with what they did with a completely different game

good logic, dumbass.

How can you say Guild Wars 2 will be bad just because you think Guild Wars 1 was bad. They are 2 completely different games, "Good logic, dumbass." Guild Wars 2 will be amazing. You can have whatever opinions you want on the game right now but then you'll be left out when the rest of the gaming world starts playing Guild Wars 2. I agree that Guild Wars 1 had it's flaws and that's why ArenaNet are making a sequel instead of an expansion, and it's no reason to bash on a completely different game, where everything will work completely different. I also assume you've done little research of the game since you're making these claims, so I recomment you hop your ass over to Youtube and look up some GW2 videos.

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Certainly, Shayalyn meant to write when Mass Effect 3 launches in March, 2012. Anyway, congrats to Anet. Looking forward to all of these games.

Been playing Planetside since its beta years and years ago and I am truly excited about the beta for Planetside 2, it is truly one of the most original and great computer games ever.

These games all look great, however I simply CANT WAIT to play Guild Wars 2!
Apparently im not alone =) anyone heard anything about a Beta schedule yet?

They already said there will not be a beta because they see, which is reality, that beta access is used simply to play the game early and is not being used to find bugs that developers can fix.

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GW2 for sure it will be the most of all

coz its will change the world around us

in the D-day the streets will be empty every one home playing all day

am going to get vec. from work just for this game

A big daydreamer.

Firefall can easily crush your dream !!

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Guild Wars 2 fully deserves #1 place!! I've been waiting eagerly for this game since its announcement in 2007. I've been a huge fan of the original Guild Wars, still am and always will be, but of new generation gaming... Gw2 takes the cake hands down.

GW2 has a bigger community, so it won this round; but it's not a real victory yet in gaming fashion.

2012 has just started, GW2's biggest fear is Firefall. Because, Firefall is coming fiercely strong like ten-ton magnet !!!

"GW2 biggest fear is Firefall"-Funniest thing i saw in a while.

Let them dream :D

Happy New Year !

Firefall will be GW2's worst nightmare in 2012 !!

most people dont even know what the hell Firefall is o.o

That would be even more scarier for GW2.

Lol this article is actually the first I've ever heard of Firefall.. regardless of that, it seems like it could have alot of potential but I doubt its the type of game Id play for longer than a month-2 months. Of course it will have some competition with Gwen, but Gw2 still leaves a greater impression on me, and has a greater fan base too

Anyway, congrats GW2 !

What is Firefall

i didnt know either i had to youtube it, its interesting but still i find GW2 much more pleasing of a game id want to spend hours of my free time daily playing

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Never heard of it until today... And from what I've looked at... Not that interested...

Congratulations Guild Wars 2 !!!

fuck ya amalur!

Um..Halo 4?

Gratz to Guild Wars 2 and ArenaNet!
btw, what is Frefall? and why would it be any fear for gw2? Bullshit....

Can't wait to get my hands on the real thing instead of watching YouTube video's of GW2!!!

Why are people raging left and right about which MMO is best? Almost all of the MMOs listed are F2P/B2P, and not P2P. So why not just play all of them( or at least the ones you find enjoyable)? I know for a fact that I'll be playing both GW2 and Planetside 2 this year.

This sort of corporate fanboyism only started after the whale that was WoW launched. Since that game is slowly digging it's own grave, I'm sure we won't have mass exodus in any of these games. So why bother putting these silly subjective opinions up here? It's ultimately not going to change who plays what.

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