The MMO Graveyard

Posted Wed, Oct 30, 2013 by Sardu

The MMO Graveyard

Just in time for Halloween, we bring you The MMO Graveyard; an MMObituary listing of sorts in which we take a look at some of the top games that simply didn't stand the test of time.

Earth & Beyond

Earth & Beyond was one of the first, and arguably best, sci-fi MMOs to ever be released. Among other things, the game featured regular monthly updates that helped drive the storyline forward. In many ways, this was an early precursor to the Living Story update series in Guild Wars 2. In fact, resident GW2 expert and community manager of, Lewis B, has noted on many occasions that E&B was one of his absolute favorite MMOs of all time. The game did have a lot of great things to offer beyond the evolving storyline, and it's a shame that it ultimately had a relatively short life cycle.

Asheron's Call 2

Asheron's Call 2 is the MMO industry's sad equivalent of a parent outliving its offspring. The sequel to the original AC shut down surprisingly fast all things considered, but AC2 is also a cautionary tale about how sometimes creating sequels simply isn't the way to go. It was also shuttered in such a way as to leave a bad taste in the mouth of gamers, having released an expansion only one month prior. Ouch.

Ehm ...SWG..???

You're absolutely right; SWG was intended to be on the list, but for some reason I managed to skip a page prior to publishing. Working on getting it added back in now!

WHO? Or is it "too soon?"

One publisher, NCsoft, represents fully one third of this list. As a former City of Heroes fan and player who spent a lot of time and money on that game, I won't be wasting any more money on their games. On the one hand, it's nice to reminisce about games from years past. On the other, it's really shameful when a company shuts down a game in a genre that, unlike most games, demands (or at least induces) repeated investment in the game to keep playing, and whose customers' hard work and investment are destroyed with the flip of a switch.

And for one publisher in the industry to so disproportionately represent the mantle of MMO Killer... well, it just seems like pretty bad business decisions to me to keep shutting down games and kicking communities to the curb.

I can't wait for City of Titans to get underway. I'm really hoping that it will change how the industry views its customers and how games are made.

I think Motor City Online should be on here. While not a MMORPG it was still a MMO. Always wanted to play it, but since MMOs at that time were still a fairly new concept, my father was afraid of hackers stealing his credit card info so he wouldn't let me play it(I was a kid when it came out).

I did not play most of these games, but I did play and love CoH from 2004 until it closed. I am not one of those screaming cheerleader fanbois though; it is apparent why CoH closed to me and many others who have moved on from CoH. Do I miss CoH - Absolutely!! I do however understand that fiscally speaking it was time for CoH to close down. Sure the closing could have been handled much better, but truth be told even if it had a "proper" sun-setting...there would still be those rabid anti-NCSoft people out there. Most people who played CoH are not boycotting NCSoft; all of my SG and most people from the global channels I knew moved on to GW2. As for the future...and City of Titans...I held off on the KS for that one...I'll believe it when I see it.

Perhaps all of your friends moved to GW2 with you, but not one person in the two SGs I was in, is anywhere near an NCSoft game. Nor are any of my CoX casual acquaintances in any NCSoft game. Perhaps that makes me a "rabid anti-NCSoft person" or maybe it just means "once bitten, a million times shy." Or maybe it means I don't like having almost seven years worth of work and financial expenditure obliterated on someone else's whim. If you are comfortable trusting NCSoft to handle your gaming future with care and respect, well... that's your right. I don't kid myself as to their true motivations, which have nothing to do with serving their loyal customers and everything to do with showing you who's really the boss. Hint, it aint you.

Caveat emptor! Meanwhile I actually did donate to the City of Titans kickstarter. I like to give money to a less bloodthirsty overlord, that's just me. Meanwhile you and your pals enjoy shank's-mare all over GW2. I prefer to wait until I can fly again.

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