Browncoats Unite - DarkCryo Announces Firefly Universe Online

Hopes for a Firefly MMOG live on as DarkCryo puts out a call for Browncoats to unite with Firefly Universe Online.

Firefly was a short-lived television show that gained a rather epic cult following and long ago there was a rumored Firefly MMOG from Multiverse that simply seemed to disappear. This week we have some good news for fans of the series, indie developer DarkCryo has announced that itÂ’s working on a Firefly-based MMOG called Firefly Universe Online. While the game has not yet gained official endorsement from IP owner 20th Century Fox, indie developer DarkCryo is continuing to develop the game under fair use and is actively seeking to get official endorsement.

There is no solid release date for the game, but it already boasts to have several playable factions (Browncoats, Alliance, Reavers and Megacorp), special cast appearances, canonical planetary environments and role-playing elements. If the devs can get an endorsement from 20th Century Fox, we may finally get that very long-overdue Firefly MMOG. So dust off your browncoats and head over to the Firefly Universe Online website to check out this shiny new game.

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